Jade falcon incursion

Hot Springs

General Steiner targeted Hot Springs in wave seven, landing on the 21st of November. Star Colonel Diane Anu and her Fifth Battle Cluster kept Steiner tied up for some time, however, using Inner Sphere-like tactics against the Lyran troops. By going to ground and running a hit-and-run campaign, Anu prevented Steiner from using overwhelming force against her and further kept the general from launching any more assaults within the Falcon OZ until the second week in December. Steiner finally pulled off of Hot Springs on the 12th of December, leaving the world in Falcon hands.


General Steiner jumped into the Malibu system on the 26th ot October and took the system's recharge station from Star Colonel Terrance and his Eighth Falcon Regulars. The civilian leadership of Malibu forbade Steiner and his forces from landing on the world, however, apparently satisfied with continued life under Jade ralcon rule.


General Christifori, leading his own Archer's Avengers and the Fifteenth Arcturan Guards, hit Roadside on the 3rd of October, marking the world as his first target in wave six. A single trinary of the Jade Solahma Cluster held this world and was summarily destroyed when, while they were defending the Tyler Munitions Factory, General Christifori ordered his 'Mechs to fire on the factory. The resulting explosion killed every Clan MechWarrior and created a Shockwave that was registered over most of the world. The General waited until the first bat talion of the Blue Star Irregulars' 1894th Striker arrived on-world before moving on.


General Christifori led his task rorce to Twycross on 30 October. There he faced the Jade Falcon Guards, who quickly called in elements of the First Falcon Hussars and the Ninth Talon Cluster (which had already suffered a defeat against Christifori on Butler). The Clan units attacked General Christifori's troops out of the Diaholis, taking the Lyrans by surprise. General Christifori nevertheless turned the battle around and defeated the Falcon defenders, though only at a heavy cost to his own units. He pulled out on the 24th of November, leaving behind a garrison force gathered from among his own units.

On 8 April, a force of three Diamond Shark clusters landed on Twycross. issuing a batchali to the single mixed combat command culled from Archer's Avengers. Five days of battling ensued, but in the end the Diamond Sharks all but destroyed the Inner Sphere troops, taking the world for themselves (later intelligence reports indicate that not only did the Diamond Sharks want to put the world's disabled BattleMech factory back into operation, but that their scouts discovered a sub stance not unlike HarJel there on Twycross, making the world once-again valuable).

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