Jade Falcon Oz Worlds

Operation Audacity, conceived by Major General Archer Christifori and implemented by General Adam Steiner, went on to assault ten worlds within the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Khan Pryde had never expected the Lyrans to launch such a bold operation, but she maintained four galaxies within her OZ as insurance against just such a happenstance.

Beta VII

General Anne Sung's Second Crucis Lancers set off on their own In wave six, hitting the world of Beta VII on the 2nd of October, while Generals Adam Steiner and Archer Christifori launched attacks into the Falcon OZ. Garrisoned by the Jade Solahma Cluster, the world fell in just a few days of fighting. General Sung moved on from there, leaving behind a mixed combat command to garrison the world.

Black Earth

General Steiner began his assault on the Jade Falcon OZ with an attack upon Black Earth, jumping Into the system using a pirate point on 3 October. Leading a combined force consisting of elements of his own Fourteenth Donegal Guards, Colonel Blucher's Fifteenth Arcturan Guards (including elements of the Neerabup MTM and Gacrux FTM) and the Ninth Lyran Regulars, General Steiner dropped onto the world expecting a quick operation and instead became bogged down in a throe week fight that saw the Third Talon Cluster make extensive use of heavy aerospace fighters against his units. When General Steiner hadn't pacified the world by the 10th of October, Khan Kell dispatched his First Wolf Strike Grenadiers to assist, arriving on the 17th. A week later General Steiner's force had taken the world and the second battalion of the Blue Star Irregulars' 1894th Striker arrived to help garrison the world while steiner moved on.


General Christifori entered the Blackjack system on the 12th or December, landing on the 16th at the ruins of the Blackjack School of Combat. The general faced the Eighth and Tenth Provisional Garrison Clusters, who made It abundantly clear that they would not accept anything less than the utter destruction of the invading troops. The two forces fought a brief but bloody campaign against each other that included a WarShip battle between the Black Paw, which Christifori's troops had captured in the Butler system and later given over to Khan Phelan Kell, and the Falcons' White Talon, which was disabled in the fighting.

General Steiner arrived in-system on the 21st of December, grounding three days later and immediately launching a surprise attack on the Falcons that stymied their operations on the world. Before either side had the opportunity to make any follow-on attacks, Falcon saKhan Samantha Clees arrived in-system with two more clusters. Rather than adding them to the fray, however, she ordered her warriors already on-planct to break off their attacks. Further, she delivered a message to Generals Steiner and Christifori, granting them safcon and "inviting" them to Blair Atholl to parley with Khan Marthe Pryde.

Clees left the system with the Eighth and Tenth PGCs in tow, leaving Blackjack in Lyran hands. The two Lyran generals gathered what remained of their units and likewise lumped out of the system, leaving behind a token garrison force.

Blair Atholl

The Ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster took up station on Blair Atholl before the Falcon Incursion even began. As the Incursion progressed, they remained ever-vigilant, ready to either defend the world against a Lyran attack or to charge Into the Lyran Alliance to help exploit the gains their brethren had made. The former happened before the latter did when ComStar's 388th Division landed on the 15th of December as a part of the continuing Lyran action during wave nine. Having successfully worked with Khan Phelan Kelt's Wolves in liber ating Dustball, the Com Guards troops only awaited the chance to continue punishing the Falcons.

The Ninth PGC never allowed the Com Guards to seize the initiative, hounding them from the moment they landed on the world. The single cluster, reinforced by several trinarles pulled from other nearby garrison units, drove the ComGuards ahead of them across two continents before seemingly running out of energy.

Shortly afterward Khan Marthe Pryde led her Turkina Keshik to the world, landing on the 20th of February 3065. Khan Phelan Kell reached the world on the 24th. SaKhan Clees made landfall on the 26th while General Adam Steiner, accompanied by Christifori, grounded on the 27th.

Khan Pryde and General Steiner called a general ceasefire within their respective regions and eventually agreed on 9 plan that would end the Falcon Incursion. The world of Blair Atholl would remain jointly-held by the Falcons and the LAAF as something of a live fire training world, giving the Falcons a place where they could send their warriors to gain real combat experience. Though that agreement would mean that the LAAr troops on-world would constantly be threatened by the Jade Falcons, the world would at least remain something of a con trolled environment.


General Christifori entered the Butler system on the 17th of October. Initially his ships came upon a Black Lion-class cruiser, but eventually they discovered it was undergoing repairs and captured it with relative ease, turning it over to Khan Kell's Wolf Clan. On the world they faced just two trinarles of the Ninth Falcon Talon Cluster, plus a host of technical crews who did their best to swarm the general's 'Mechs and vehicles. General Christifori's troops still far outnumbered Butler's defenders and quickly pacified the world.

The world remained in Lyran hands until the final phase of the Incursion, after the Blair Atholl Agreement had been reached. When elements of Clan Diamond Shark had taken Twycross away from the LAAF garrison there, Khan Marthe Pryde authorized Galaxy Commander Rard Hoyt to take back the world of Butler to ensure the integrity of her Clan's Occupation Zone. Galaxy Commander Hoyt selected five trinarles from the Fifth Battle and 18th Falcon Regulars Clusters to retake the world from the mostly conventional troops left behind on the world, reinforced by two Blue Star Irregulars companies. The Falcon trinaries landed on the 18th of June, and by the 25th had retaken the world.


On the 8th of November, the Third Lyran Guards dropped two combat commands onto Graus, a world defended only by two trinaries and a binary of the Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster. Overwhelmed by the heavy 'Mech and armor force, the garrison unit folded in just two days.

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