Jade falon incursion

Tactics and technology have radically evolved, as have emotions. Now that the Inner Sphere knows how to fight the Clans, Kerensky's children could never hope to achieve the same kind of stunning victories, at least without committing the entirety of the Clans to the assault.

Yet, the battles with the Jade Falcons stand in striking contrast to the typical Civil War engagement. The average planetary campaign waged between a Loyalist unit and an Allied unit took months, if not years, to complete. Giausar and Kathil arc just two of the worst examples. On the other hand, the typical engagement during the Incursion took but days or weeks. The Jade Falcons managed to roll over entire 'Mech regiments and combined-arms brigades in just a few days' time in many instances. With the relative gup in technology rapidly closing between the Clan standard and the Inner Sphere standard, many have asked the question, "how did the Jade Falcons manage such quick victories?"

The answer: doctrine.

Without going into significant detail, the Clans still fight differently than the inner Sphere docs. The Clan warriors are born and bred to fight and to stiow no fear. They look forward to dying in combat and have no hesitation to push themselves to the point of breaking if it means garnering a victory. They fight fast arid furious, giving no quarter.

On the other hand, the warriors bred by the Inner Sphere tend to be a more contemplative lot. They do not typically want to sacrifice themselves if they can accomplish the same thing in a different manner, even it if takes more time. Life has meaning, and so do the feelings of one's fellow soldiers.

Though at first glance, that contrast does not seem so significant, when added to the technological gap, the difference comes into focus. Moreover, the typical Clan warrior is far more skilled than his Inner Sphere counterpart, with a vet eran Inner Sphere pilot barely equivalent to a regular Clan pilot. When one takes all ot these factors into account, one can begin to see just how Khan Marthe Pryde was able to fight such a successful campaign in so short of a lime.

Of course, the militaries of the Inner Sphere have come a long way from the point they were at when the Clans first appeared. Military technologies have made a substantial leap in just the last ten years, gaining more ground in just that time than the entire Inner Sphere made in even the Golden Age of the Star League, while a manufacturing renaissance has made it possible to build enough of that new technology to put into the hands of the common soldier.

They have also learned how to fight the Clans, how to use Clan tactics against them and how to apply Inner Sphere tactics against them. Of course, since the end of Operation Revival, quite a few Clansmen have taken to using more and more Inner Sphere tactics in their battles, a fact that makes their own significant strength seem even that much more impressive.

In any event, while the gains made by the Jade Falcons were quite impressive, the victories that the LAAF scored over that Clan were no less impressive. The Lyran military began the Incursion in a state of disarray, undermanned and with a shortage of munitions and spare parts. Additionally, the Melissia Theater was commanded by a general who, after having fought directly against the Clans for a decade and a half, should have been able to learn from her mistakes. Instead, General Bryan fell back on the same tactics that nearly got her and her units killed a dozen times over since 3050.

Once Leutnant-Gcneral Adam Steiner took charge of the Clan front,'the losses that the LAAF was experiencing halted. Moreover, he gave the Lyrans a number-of victories, boosting their morale and esprit de corps and giving them the edge they needed to survive the Incursion without falling apart. To be sure, General Steiner did receive significant assistance from individuals like Khan Phelan Kell and Major General Archer Christian. As much as Ihey did, however, it was Still General Steiner's leadership that prevented thé Lyran Alliance from crumbling in the face Of the Jade Falcon Incursion. While most of the units who took part in the Incursion fighting initially took Steiner's direction because of his name, he very quickly earned their trust, regardless of their political leanings.

From the motley collection of nearly-destroyed units that garrisoned the worlds of the Melissia Theater (and the Pandora Theater, to some extent), General Steiner brought together an army that stood up against the Jade Falcons and even took them on in their own OZ. For those reasons alone. General of the Armies Nondi Steiner named him commander of the Melissia Theater.

So what was the final result of the Jade Falcon Incursion?

In purely objective terms. Khan Pryde accomplished the goals she had set out to achieve. A whole new generation of Falcon warriors received combat experience that they could not have received elsewhere, making the Falcon touman again one of the most feared in the Clans. Moreover, she bloodied the face of Clan Wolf.

General Steiner prevented the Jade Falcons from crushing the Lyran Alliance, a potentiality that they were not far away from. He also proved to the entire Inner Sphere that the Lyran military could stand toe-to-toe with the best that the Clans could throw at them and even win battles that were fought on the Falcons' terms. At the same time, Steiner accomplished all this while his countrymen were still fighting a bloody civil war.

In short, Adam Steiner proved that the people of the Lyran Alliance, no matter their original heritage, could work together once again as a single, united group. Of course, the general's incredible successes garnered him the loyalties of billions of the Lyran people, something that would become incredibly important in the final stages of the Civil War.

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