After two and a half years of constant fighting, the conclusion of the fight for Kathil was almost anticlimactic. The appearance of General Rudolph Chapman's Rrst Federated Suns Armored Cavalry had signaled the beginning of the end for the Loyalists on the world. With the Eighth Donegal Guards crushed, only the Second Chisholm's Raiders were left. But even reinforced by the Loyalist survivors on the world, they stood no chance. Yet Hauptmann General Helen Eisner felt she had no option but to fight. The Archon was showing little regard for those of her commanders who brought her defeat on the battlefield, and there were rumors that Katherine had several of her unsuccessful generals killed. There were still Loyalist units operating within the Federated Suns that had yet to be committed to battle, and Eisner hoped that Jackson Davion would be able to lend her assistance if she could hold out for a little longer.

General Chapman and Major General Hasek-Bills contained the Raiders in Radcliffe while Marshal Hasek and General Silver devoted the bulk of their conventional forces to rebuilding the world's crippled infrastructure, though both kept their 'Mech forces available for quick reassignment. Months passed with little change as Eisner hoped beyond hope that she would receive reinforcements while the Allied generals simply placed the city under siege and gave their troops a much-needed rest. During that time, the great majority of Radcliffe's population poured out of the city, unwilling to be caught in the middle of the expected fight.

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