The longest-running battle in the Civil War showed no likelihood of ending anytime soon as Wave Four opened up. The addition of the Second Chisholm's Raiders to the mix in the previous wave turned the battle for the world soundly to the Loyalists' favor, forcing Marshal Nathaniel Hasek to make some difficult choices for his Allied forces. With the GM plant in Loyalist hands, the troops of the Second Chisholm's Raiders and the Eighth Donegal Guards finally had access to fresh replacement equipment. Both units had taken heavy casualties, though the Eighth Donegal had been able to absorb most of the survivors of the Eighth F-C, allowing it to maintain its integrity.

For the Allies, the situation was worse. Marshal Linda Archer's Fifth Davlon Guards had borne the brunt of the Loyalist assaults tor much of Wave Three and were hovering at less than one-half strength, even after the absorption ot the First Capcllan Dragoons. Major General Randy Hasek-fcSills, commanding an ad-hoc brigade made up of former Kathil CMM and First NAIS Cadre soldiers, plus the remains of several other free armor and infantry units, had lost more than half of his combat strength, but as free units trickled into the world. Marshal Hasek assigned them to Hasek-Bills. who had fought an incredible mobile campaign since arriving on-world with the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers. Strangely, the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers were still the strongest Allied unit on world, having been spared the worst of the Loyalist attacks.

Riding on the initiative that the capture of GM gave them, the Loyalists drove across the world, pushing the exhausted Allies ahead of them. Marshal Hasek did his best to stop the drive, hut as the battle for Kathil continued on, his troops were beginning to falter. On the 2nd of January, Marshal Archer's Fifth Guards nearly broke apart when the Eighth Donegal hit them with a combined-arms brigade armed with 'Mechs and tanks fresh off of the GM lines. Hauptmann General Pashik did not let up, however, and continued to hammer the Fifth Guards over the course of a week while Archer's troops desperately tried to hang on to a trio ot flre-hases. On the 8th of January, the Eighth Donegal rolled into Firebases Champion and Tango-3, scattering the Fifth Davion Guards ahead of them.

Marshal Hasek had done his best to push cither the Sixth Syrtis or General Hasek-Bills' brigade in to assist the Firth Guards, but the Chisholm's Raiders fought a mobile interference campaign, tying those Allied forces up. On the 10th, Marshal Hasek dispatched Major General Richard Silver, who had been acting as his operations chief, to take command of the shattered Fifth Guards from an exhausted and broken Marshal Archer, who retired off-world to Novaya Zemlya.

Both sides knew that the Allied troops needed a rest if they were to ever regain their combat edge. Unfortunately for General Pashik, his own Donegal Guards were operating on sheer adrenaline and would soon burn out as well. He and General Eisner made every effort to take advantage of the situation before standing down for a much-needed rest. Both concentrated on General Silver's single brigade of Fifth Davion Guards, pushing them out of Firebase Tangn-R and through the Tormad Valley. Silver managed to rally his troops between the towns of Coulman and

Fredericksville and stopped the Donegal advance dead in its tracks, though only after suffering heavy losses on his own side.

The two sides took three weeks of much-needed rest in late February, only making the occasional probing attack. The situation on the planet radically changed once again on the 8th of March, this time with the arrival of General Rudolph Chapman and his First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry. Executing a textbook combat drop, General Chapman landed in the Donegal Guards' rear and immediately set upon the weakened RCT. General Silver launched his own attacks along his front with the Donegal Guards, holding them In place, while this time Marshal Hasek tied up the Chisholm's Raiders with his own Sixth Fusiliers. Marshal Hasek's attacks cleared the way for Major General Hasek Bills to skirt the Chisholm's Raiders flank and add his own brigade to the assault upon the Donegal Guards.

With significant Allied forces to their northeast, southwest and west, and rough terrain to the east, the Donegal Guards were effectively trapped. They collapsed their own, lines around the three firebases, as well as the towns Of Delafield and Menomee and fought a defensive action. Both Generals Silver and Hasek-Bills were forced to deal with Riaders' attacks along their rear and flanks, but it was only a matter of time before the Eighth Donegal Guards folded. General Pashik was captured on the 17th of May, but his unit continued to fight on for six more days before Leftenant General Gerd von Manstcln surrendered what was left of the RCT.

That action placed General Eisner in the unenviable position of commanding the only significant Loyalist unit left on the world. While General Silver and Marshal Hasek dealt with the mop-up over the Donegal Guards, Generals Chapman and Hasek Bills pursued Eisner's Chisholm's Raiders back across the continent. The two Allied generals pushed hard and reached District City before the Raiders did, forcing Eisner to divert to Radcliffe.

Wave Four ended with an almost exact reversal of the situation when the war began—the Allied troops controlled District City and the GM plant while the Loyalists took the bases in and around Radcliffe.

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