Noble Ruler: Duke Petyr VanLees

Star Type (Recharge Time): F4V (175 hours)

Position in System: 3rd

Time to Jump Point: 16.10 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Loren's Folly)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable)

Surface Water Coverage: 30 percent

Equatorial Temperature: 30° C (Warm-Temperate)

Highest Native Life: Insect

Recharging Station: Zenith

HPG Class Type: 0

Population Size: 2,158.650.000

Socio-lndustrial Levels: A-A-B-A-C

Once considered small and unremarkable, Kathil became a vitally important world to the Federated Suns centuries ago. The formation of the Star League and the subsequent Reunification War put a heavy strain on the Star I eague Navy. Having to travel vast distances for repairs often all the way to Terra could keep ships out of the fight for years. Recognizing Kathil's strategic location long the Capellan/Suns border, the SLDF selected the world as home tor one of its largest shipyards outside of the then-ferran Hegemony, christening the James McKenna Shipyards in 2602. The SLDF spared no expense in designing and building the yards, and even constructed a series of microwave transmission towers across the planet to literally beam energy, collected from the world's ample geothermal supply, to the shipyards..

Located on the Muran continent Is District City, capital of Kathil and home to the Hall of Nobles. Just outside the capital is General Motors' large BattleMech production plant, while a second, newer plant Is located on the island continent of Thespia near a new ore deposit. The Kay Bume Munitions plant is in Stihl just outside District City. Kay Bume supplies munitions to a large portion of the Capellan March military. In addition to its military and Starship industries, Kathil has a large timber industry and an advanced agricultural industry.


Noble Ruler: Duke Lamar Trives

Star Type (Recharge Time): A5II (166 hours)

Position in System: 4tll

Time to Jump Point: 33.12 days

Number of Satellites: None

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 50° C (Desert) Surface Water Coverage: 30 percent Highest Native Life: None Recharging Station: None HPG Class Type: B Population: 175,350 Socio-lndustrial Levels: D C D D D

Kasai is a desert world with few resources. The natives scrounge a living as best they can, irrigating small patches of desert near the Sea of Tears. The Star League had thought enough of the world that they bought it from House Davion, constructing a massive depot near the planet's lone sea. After the collapse of the Star League, the Davion forces took control of the planet from Kurita, removing the remaining supplies almost Immediately

In recent years, however, additional supply caches have been discovered. The most recent occurance was several years ago when hunters discovered a cache to the north of the depot. Inside were construction materials and remains belonging to Davion troopers who went missing in the early 2800s. Strangely, the remains of some SLDF soldiers were also discovered, Identified only by a defaced unit patch of a Torran Royul division.

Ihe natives are nomads with few established settlements. Divided into tribes, they live apart from the bases and have little to do with the Davion troops except the occassional supply raid. Kasai's largest mountain range, the Walls of Sorrow, is west of the Sea of Tears and runs north and south across most of the planet.

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