Kentares Iv

Rash: 24 November 3062

Perhaps the most infamous world in the Human Sphere. Kentares IV was the noble landhold of Duke Eric Dresari, a vocal oppo nent of Katherine Steiner Davion and hor government. Following Dresari's lead, many of Kcnlares' people bccame outspoken In the

Combine border in favor of pursuing the "folly" of the Clan Homeworlds. When the Combine attacks of October 3062 hit, the entire March acted almost as one and launched a retaliatory campaign against the Dragon.

Throughout the Civil War, supporters of both Katrlna and of Victor were forced to deal with these regional loyalties, often to the detriment of their own causes. Though Duke Sandoval stepped down during the course of ttie Civil War and Duke Kclswa-Steiner was arrested for his part in arousing the secessionists, the spirits of their-people did not diminish. And Duke Hasek? He survived the war a hero to everyone within the newly rechristened AFFS, more popular with the people of the entire Federated Suns than their new leader, Yvonne Steiner-Davion.

The socio-political structure of both nations has suffered a significant shakeup as a result of the Civil War, most certainly. What remains to be seen is how the regional lords capitalize on their newfound independent power.

- From After Math, Dr. Andrea Pallwoda, ComStar Archives, 3067

denunciation of the Archon and, by early 3062, huge marches were taking place at least weekly.

When the Archon's PR staff could no longer spin the civil uprising on Kentrares, and with the Archon herself unable to control Dresari, Lord Marcus Roland was dispatched to the world with a Fifth Donegal Guards combat command, spear headed by a full BattleMech battalion, with instructions to take command of the world's garrison, at that time consisting mainly of the Clovis DMM, supported by the Kentares militia. Though Dresari did not control Leftenant General Jamil Brüning or his DMM, Dresari had many supporters within the March Militia and Brüning chose not to challenge the Duke, mired as he was in rooting out a deep-seated bed of corruption within the Militia.

With the arrival of Roland and the Fifth Donegal, matters on Kentares rapidly polarized. Dresari and his supporters held an overwhelming advantage in popular support, but within the DMM a significant percentage of Bruning's officer corps immediately took to Roland and Leftenant General Jackson Pory, the commander of the Fifth Donegal's detachment.

The arrival of Roland and the Fifth initially calmed the anti-Archon demonstrations. As the year wore on and Archon Katherine's continued policies of repression further eroded freedoms within the Federated Suns, however, Dresari and his people could remain silent no longer. Despite the Archon's best efforts, news of Kentares' unrest leaked out, Infuriating the Archon. Tasked with suppressing just these kinds of outbursts, Roland chafed under the Archon's scrutiny, but with General Brüning still commanding the DMM, he could not act freely to carry out the Archon's wishes.

By the beginning of October, matters had escalated to the point that the Fifth Donegal was regularly firing upon angry mobs of citizens in cities across the world; still. Brüning refused to commit his troops to the suppression of Kentares' people. But on the 19th of October, the general was found murdered, apparently the victim of the same person who had been send ing him death threats for the past year. Within a week, two more of his senior officers were found murdered. With their deaths, the leadership of the DMM passed to General Pory.

Roland immediately ordered a crackdown on the demonstrations, but in doing so only worsened tensions on the world. With AFFC troops assigned to crowd control duties, the inevitable happened all too soon. On the 29th of October, fourteen civilians were killed when a Fifth Donegal BattleMech top pled into a crowd. The riots that ensued claimed the lives of hundreds more before Duke Dresari could calm him people.

But Roland continued to push matters and ordered Pory to destroy Dresari's palace and hunt down every identified demonstrator for trial and execution. Pory balked at those orders however, so Roland had he and his senior officers arrested, taking command of Kentares' military forces for himself. By this time. Roland's actions and demeanor had driven quite a few members of the DMM firmly Into Dresari's camp, but that was not enough to prevent the coming darkness.

On the 24th of November, Roland set the Fifth Donegal and elements of the DMM into action, sending them against

Dresari's palace. They crushed the two Dresari loyal deml-bat-talions of DMM BattleMechs and the two regiments of militia that Dresari fielded against them, though it took them three days to do so. Eventually they made their way into the residence and arrested Dresari and his entire family, however. A day later, Roland had them cxccuted. That done, Lord Roland locked down all communications and transports flowing into and out of the world.

For the next month, Roland frenetically ordered his troops to hunt down every suspected leader of the growing resistance. By the end of January, he had arrested almost 4,000 people from all walks'of life—men, women and even children. He spent a week on a show trial, heavily featuring trCimped-up evidence against Duke Dresari, and at the end had his loyal cadre of enforcers execute every single one of the prisoners—linking them to Dresari as "accessories to conspiracy and treason after the fact." He hastily added the names of Brunlng and his fellow murdered officers to the charges at the end, apparently in an effort to cover himself from the order he gave an assassin to kill those officers.

The resistance on Kentares was not over, however. Not by a long shot.

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