A distant relative of Katherine and Victor, Leutnant-General Daniel Voss-Steiner of the Seventh Donegal Guards chose to back the incumbent Archon while keeping his troops out of the Civil War between his cousin^. This decision served to keep the peace on Launam for almost a year, though the officers of the Seventh did not universally approve of it. The RCT's ambitious XO. Adrian McCready, was particularly vocal in advocating a more pro-active role in the conflict but had his suggestions dismissed. In public, McCready seemed to accept Voss-Steiner's stance but in private he gathered a coterie of officers who shared his views and with whom he planned to "force the issue."

On 12 December 3063, a car bomb exploded as Leutnant-General Voss-Steiner was traveling to a lunch with the planetary governor. Announcing his commander's death, McCready assumed command of the RCT and immediately called for action against the "Davionist insurrection" and ordered the Seventh to prepare for redeployment. News of the commander's death came as a shock to the RCT, particularly to Daniel Voss-Steiner, who had sustained only slight injuries in the blast and was recovering at the governor's residence.

Realizing that the attack wasn't a pro-Victor assassination attempt but rather a coup d'etat, the General set about regaining control of his unit, only to come under fire from pro-McCready troops who had been dispatched to seize control of government facilities. McCready's troops pressed on into the compound but were unable to break through the defenses established by the General's escort. Contradictory rumors of the general's death and survival raced through the RCT, prompting a succession of clashes that threatened to tear the RCT asunder. McCready's supporters accused those not willing to accept the Colonel's leadership of mutiny and threat ened to deal with thern harshly. Firefights broke out in the cantonment as elements from one faction attempted to secure supplies and equipment, culminating in a pitched battle between 'Mech lances loyal to each side.

A broadcast by Voss-Steiner from the governor's residence ended the rumors and shattered McCready's support, exposing the lie at the heart of the Colonel's assumption of power.

Loyalist troops from the 523rd Donegal arrested the Colonel and his co-conspirators, ironically charging them with

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