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Much has been said and written on the subject ot Katherine Steiner-Davion's come to power on Tharkad in 3057 and again on New Avalon in 3060, some by experts but most by people who barely understand the laws governing the operation of their own air car. While the question should have been relatively easy to answer, the unfortunate fact is that the secession of the Lyran state threw the law into a flux.

When she took on emergency war-pow-ers in September of 3057 in response to the Marik-Liao attack into the Sarna March, Katherine Steiner-Davion assumed almost the full powers ul Archoii. By seceding the Lyran State from the Federated Commonwealth, she summarily reinstated the laws and codes of the old Lyran Commonwealth, investing power back in the office of the Archon. Though largely symbolic, the ratification that the Estates General bestowed upon Katherine Steiner-Davion was all that was required to legally make her Archon of the new Lyran Alliance. Even before the Federated-Commonwealth Alliance, there were few legal requirements to stand in the way of a potential Archon, save a direct blood tie to the former leader and confirmation by the Estates General.

Where Katherine Steiner-Davion's bid for power runs afoul of law is in her assumption of the title First Princess on New Avalon. Her sister. Yvonne, was named Regent of the Federated Commonwealth by her brother, Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, and confirmed by the AFFC High Command, the Federated Suns' High Council and the Lyran Estates General. When Yvonne Steiner-Davion willingly gave up the Regency in December of 3060 to Katherine, both the AFFC High Command and the High Council likewise confirmed this appointment. While the sitting Archon-Prince did not nominate Katherine as Regent, the Privy Council (a group of senior leaders from within the High Council), acting as the Regent's Review Board, could—and did— legally make that emergency appointment.

Once confirmed as Regent of the Federated Commonwealth, however, Katherine lost all legal claim to the position of Archon-Prince—the result of the Acts of Succession put into placc by First Prince Alexander Davion

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"Hanse Davion marrying the heir to the Lyran throne? Even if it is a match made in heaven. I somehow have the feeling that we'll all be going to hell..."

- Cardinal Francis Flynn, New Avalon Catholic Church, 3026

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