Lyran Alliance

After his near-death on Newtown Square, Victor's campaign gathered momentum. With his force growing, military strikes replaced diplomatic offensives as he sought to estab lish the supply sources and distribution networks he needed to prosecute the war against his sister. Compared to the Federated Suns, the tempo of the conflict was slow for the most part the provincial and theater commands either remained solidly in Katherine's camp or else were neutral in the Civil War. Only Morgan Kell on Arc-Royal and the besieged Duke Bradford on Coventry actively supported the Prince. Victor thus faced an uphill struggle, though the quality and loyalty of the units that flocked to his banner encouraged him.

Nondi Steiner maintained a tight grip on the reigns of power, though resentment toward her Regency grew on a number of worlds as the restriction of personal freedoms—and more importantly, the militarization of many merchant JumpShips—took hold. Many people remembered the privations that accompanied the Clan Invasion, the War of '39 and even the Fourth Succession War, as military traffic was given priority over the shipment of civilian goods, and had no desire to relive the experience. In some areas—notably Skye—the economic circumstances fed the political situation and the sen timent for and against both Katherine and Victor rose rapidly. That tension, while kept in check for the moment, could not be contained indefinitely.

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