Lyran Alliance

The commencement of the Free Skye rebellion was the principal event of Wave Four of the Civil War in the Lyran Alliance, grabbing the attention of Loyalists and Allies alike. With a third party involved in the Alliance (or fourth, counting the Jade Falcons who harassed the ARDC and Melissia Theaters until June 3065), neither was prepared to waste resources on meaningless fights. The scale of the rebellion caught the LAAF off guard—not only were the Skye-native units (the Skye Rangers and Jaegers) siding with the rebellion but a number of militia joined the cause and, to the High Command's horror, several Lyran line units threw their lot in with the rebels.

Nonetheless, the clashes on Dalkeith and Giausar continued, sucking in yet more troops, while several other units became embroiled in internal disputes, either associated with the Victor-Katherine split or focusing on a Skye-Loyalist divide. Furthermore, Nondi Steiner sought to disrupt Victor's supply network, making a halfhearted attempt to seize control of Coventry. The effort tailed, and in fact the effort was Ot minimal value—Victor had used the cover of the Star League conference on Marik to short cut his offensive, leaving the Alliance and striking at Tlkonov In the Federated Suns. That offensive soon stalled and to the surprise of many, Victor's task force, dispirited by their failure, returned to the Alliance where they set up base on Ihorin.

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