Lyran Alliance

With Victor once more campaigning in the Federated Suns, fighting in the Alliance died off markedly. Instead, the factions sought to resolve the existing conflict's, knowing that a grand reckoning was looming. The tempo of the fighting on both Cavanaugh II and Dalkeith escalated, each battle rushing toward its now-inevitable conclusion. Meanwhile, Free Skye's efforts to secure its "homeland" continued apace. They secured the military HQ on Freedom and survived a Loyalist attack on their capital. Unfortunately, despite the dispatch of reinforcements, Hesperus remained deadlocked and rebel forces began to fragment. i

On 20 April, the LIC informed the Lyran Regent that Morgan Kell had left Victor's entourage, but had not headed to the ARDC. They were mystified as to why he should do so, or what his plans were, and attempted to infiltrate his entourage. The Grand Duke had, in fact, told Victor he would "deal" with the Nondi Steiner and journeyed to St. Marinus House on Zaniah, the monastic institution where Kell himself had spent many years. Resident in St. Marinus House, but not a member of the order, was Peter Steiner-Davion, Victor's younger brother. The two warriors spoke, Peter intending to refuse Morgan's call for him to join Victor's crusade. Only Kell didn't ask him to. Instead, the Grand Duke pledged his loyalty to Peter and announced his intention to see the younger safely through to Tharkad. Morgan Kell didn't want to make Peter support his brother. He wanted to make him Archon.

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