Lyran Alliance Worlds

The following worlds are located in the Lyran Alliance. ALARIQN

Noble Ruler: Duke Anatoly Serfass

Star Type (Recharge Time): GOV (181 hours)

Position In System: 3rd

Time to Jump Point: 7.47 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Tiber)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable)

Equatorial Temperature: 45" C (Warm-Temperate)

Surface Water Coverage: HO percent

Highest Native Life: Fish

Recharging Station; Zenith

HPG Class Type: B

Population: 3,465,000.000

Soclo-lndustrial Levels: A A A-A-B

Settled thirty years after the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth, Alanon became an ecological tragedy that nearly spelled the end for colonization on that world. The first settlers were attracted to Alarion's abundant native life and seemingly llm itless aquatic life. Assuming the world was ideally suited for cultivation and exploitation, the settlers did not bring extra food supplies, expecting that Alarion's native wild life would support them. Tragically, they were wrong.

I he native life forms did not survive contact with the settlers, as the diseases brought with them decimated much of the plan et'S native life before any cure could be found, then, as if the plan et sought retribution, diseases native to the planet were unleashed. When it was over, nearly half the settlers lay dead and most of Alarion's native life was extinct. The Commonwealth issued strict settlement procedures for Alarion afterwards.

Today Alarion is a center of industry and a province capital. Very few areas of Alarion's two continents of New Brunswick and New Jordan are unsettled. The Alliance's only naval shipyard, Port Sydney, operates near Alarion while Bowie Industries is located on New Jordan. Alarion has many tropical islands that have become tourist retreats. Craiova, the capital, is located on New Brunswick.

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