General Arisota Neece already had the majority of Marduk under control, if not pacified, by March of 3063, but she still welcomed the Primary Relief infantry and light armored regiments that Duke Sandoval dispatched to the world. While General Neece's First Chisholm's Raiders tracked down and destroyed the remaining battalion of Twenty-second Benjamin

Regulars, the Primary Relief units took up station within each of the world's major cities, consolidating Duke Sandoval's control over the world.

On 21 March, general Neece finally cornered the remains of the Twenty-second Benjamin along the edge of the Ku'ulu Glacier, in a small strip of ice-covered land that extended some fifteen kilometers out into the Polar Rim Ocean. While the Twenty-second Benjamin attempted to cross that stretch of ground to reach the relative safety of the Ko Nami'i Mountains, General Neece used her few remaining fighters and a battalion of VTOLs to strike the Regulars from the air. Those attacks weren't enough to stop the Twenty-second Regulars, though, so Neece reluctantly ordered a battalion of jump-equipped 'Mcchs in. The Raiders quickly caught up to the fleeing Regulars, but the battle had weakened the ice shelf the two opposing forces were using, while the shocks of the battle had also brought a few avalanches from the mountains down upon the ice shelf. By the end of the battle, the Regulars had been wiped out—half destroyed outright with the other half either buried in snow and ice or having disappeared through the ice into the deep water below—but the Raiders battalion was not in much better shape, having likewise lost seventeen of their 'Mechs.

Afterward, General Neece returned to New Pontiac and officially rose the colors of the Draconis March over the city.

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