Several months of siege warfare came to a sudden end when a brigade of Fifth Lyran Guards landed on Marlette on 2 August 3065. Grounding behind the Twentieth Avalon Hussars and the Fifth Crucis Lancers, who themselves had surrounded the Marlette CMM within the Jedda Military Complex. Leftenant General Barry Palin lead the Fifth Lyran directly against the rear of the Fifth Crucis Lancers, opening a hole in the Allied lines that allowed the two Loyalist units to link up and stage a breakout from the Jedda Complex.

The Fifth Lyran managed a coup when a combined 'Mech and fast armor battalion came upon an Allied command post on the 8th, destroying it and its defense company before any Allied troops could be called in for additional support. The Fifth Lyran battalion faded just as quickly as it had appeared, continuing on its search and destroy mission. What its members didn't realize was that they had managed to kill Fifth Crucis commander General Olaf Richardson and several of his key staff members, who happened to have been visiting the regimental command post.

Richardson's loss temporarily threw the Fifth Lancers into a state of confusion, but Major General Meschach Felsner stepped up to take command of the entire RCT. He took the reigns of the unit with little difficulty and, in conjunction with General Jack Roberts, set out to isolate and destroy first the Fifth Lyran Guards and then the rest of the Marlette CMM.

The two sides played something of a leapfrog campaign against each other for several months, each jockeying for a better position against the other. The Twentieth Hussars actually lost two fully loaded DropShips during this campaign to pilot error, hurting the Allied unit, though not critically.

In November, General Felsner increased the tempo of these airborne assaults, using up fuel at a terrific rate but at the same time keeping the Loyalist troops completely off-guard. Then he struck the Jedda Complex with a traditional ground assault, capturing six of the eight CMM DropShips on the ground at the Manfred Airbase and driving a regiment of mixed troops into a confused retreat. General Roberts followed-on with his own attack into the complex, swinging two fast regiments of armor through 270 degrees, from the Twentieth's left flank, around the rear and against the complex on his right flank.

That attack won them the initiative, but not for long. A massive winter storm dumped twenty inches of snow on top of the combatants in just under fourteen hours, bringing combat operations to a near stand-still for some time, Six more storms hit within the course of a month, bringing the greatest snowfall the Jedda Complex had seen in centuries.

Incapable of doing much else in the deep snow, the two sides consolidated most of their forces into encampments and waited out the storms. The only battle to occur was on the evening of the 20th of December in the midst of yet another snow storm, in which 'Mechs and soldiers on both sides mistook their own troops for the enemy and dealt heavy friendly-fire casualties.

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