The battle for Mariette started out small, With the Fifth Crucis Lancers starting the trek to the world at the end of Wave Three. The world was one of the few regional command centers still In the Archon's possession, one just a few jumps away from New Avalon. Field Marshal Ardan Sortek believed the world could become an important jumpingoff point for an eventual assault into the New Avalon Combat Region.

The Fifth Lancers deployed to the world on a relatively standard formation, moving on the capital city of Kingston, the industrial city of Argentan and the Jedda Military Complex. Once they realized that they could not take the Lancers one-on-one, the MarlGtte CMM pulled back to defend the Military Complex. Having secured the two primary cities on the world, the Lancers also had to deal with a number of scattered battalions of militia troops that mobilized against them. The Fifth Lancers concentratcd the majority of their attention on the Military Complex, however.

On the 24th of November, a new unit entered the system. Having made the journey through uninhabited systems, the Fifth F-C jumped into a pirate point and immediately made for Marlette. The unit already had made a bad name for itself after detonating a number of nuclear devices on Axton just months earlier. Though Achernar Combat Region commander Marshal Peter Chesterton wanted to place the entirety of the Fifth F-C under arrest and execute its command staff, his own command staff talked him out of it. They needed Loyalist assistance on Martctte if they were to keep hold over the world.

For her part, Leftenant General Annette Leyland was herself horrified at her actions on Axton and vowed to fight a clean battle. With the addition of the Fifth F-C, the Loyalist forces were able to make a breakout from the Military Complex and retake Argentan. While CMM commander Leftenant General Dennis Waxton refused to work with Leyland, the two generals received orders from Hauptmann General Mary Lyman, who took it upon herself to coordinate the world's defense.

The Loyalists could not sustain the rapid tempo of operations against the Fifth Crucls, however, at least without seriously compromising their own security. By the middle of January, the two Loyalists had settled into a static in-depth defensive. General Olaf Richardson prepared to retake the initiative with a deep strike at Jedda when he received word that General Jack Roberts and his Iwentieth Avalon Hussars had just made the jump into the system. He launched the assault anyway, adding two additional combat commands that he would have held back as a reserve, hoping that he could gain at least a toehold in the Military Complex. If he succeeded, Roberts could quickly follow up with an attack that could win them the entire Jedda Military Complex,

Marlette was not Roberts' primary objective, though. Leyland and with her entire Fifth F-C was. General Richardson did indeed push two brigades through Loyalist territory, gaining his toehold in three locations with two mixed battalions and a single 'Mech company. The Loyalists cut his troops off from his main body, however, stranding them within territory controlled exclusively by the CMM and the Fifth F-C.

Roberts did drop several combat commands within the Military Complex to assist Richardson's Lancers, but he landed the bulk of his Hussars opposite the Fifth F-C, against whom he launched an immediate assault. Matters on the world quickly degenerated into a free-for-all. The Allied RCTs held the upper hand in both numbers and experience, and severely punished the Loyalists. General Roberts managed to segregate a third of the surviving Fifth F-C on the 25th day of the battle and crushed it with massed artillery and air strikes. While she could have used them, General Leyland refused to deploy any more of her atomics.

Only on the 53rd day of battle did she reconsider her decision, when what remained of her RCT stood on the brink of folding in the face of General Roberts' continual attacks, She ordered one set off in a remote location as a warning, but Roberts only continued on, pushing within mere kilometers of her command post. She tried to dis patch a fighter wing to make several more attacks directly on Roberts' troops, but the first weapon dropped malfunctioned and did not fire. Roberts' Hussars literally blew the rest of the fighters from the sky and simply continued on in their assault.

His armored infantry reached Leyland's command post and staging area before her techs could ready any more atomic weapons, taking the airfield from Leyland's Fifth F-C. With the loss of her only trump card. Leyland ordered a retreat. She managed to escape, though with hut four weakened 'Mech companies and two bare mixed battalions on the 11th of March. She and her unit have not been seen since.

The few Fifth F-C battalions left on the world were absorbed into the CMM, though only over the protest of General Waxton. The CMM collapsed back into the Military Complex, once again forming up into a defensive posture behind formidable defenses. The two Allied Generals continued to push hard, but made only moderate headway by the end of the wave. The bulk of the complex, including the military headquarters, was still In Loyalist hands.

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