Noble Ruler: Duke Alton RaStkel

Star Type (Recharge Time): G8II (185 hours)

Position In System: 4th

Time to Jump Point: 6,'lfl days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Kafuftle)

Surface Gravity; 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 4b" C (Warm Temperate) Surface Water Coverage: 60 percent Highest Native Life: Reptile Recharging Station: None HPG Class Type: B Population: 2,475,000,000 SoClo-lndustrlal Levels: A-A-A-A-B

An Incredibly important world on the Davion-Kurita border, Marduk is a center of attention for both houses. Marduk was a valued prize as the home to a BattleMech factory. Originally col onized for its agricultural resources, Marduk's many regions of warm temperatures, rich soil and gentle climates made the world ideal for farming. Many of Marduk's plant and animal forms became valuable exports, while farming and ranching became the chosen occupations for most of the early settlers.

Just before the formation of the Star League, a large deposit of rare metal was discovered in the Tillerbee jungles iri the center of the continent of Tiller. Norse BattleMech Works was formed and built a large factory to exploit the ore deposits. This complex of factories was built with such skill-that it barely damaged the surrounding jungle. During the Fourth Succession War, Marduk'fell to House Kurita in a counter assault aimed at Davion and the remaining Wolf's Dragoons. Once conquered, Victory Industries was given license to operate the massive facility. New Pontiac, the planetary capital, is the only urban center close to the factory. Marduk's remaining continents of Aileen and Latvia produce most of the planet's agricultural products and animal exports.

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