Hauptmann General Kev Evans remained on An Ting only long enough for conventional reinforcements from Duke Sandoval to reach the world and take up positions in strategic locations around the world. Once those regiments were secure on the world, Evans mobilized his entire RCT and jumped out of the system for their next target: the capital of the Combine's Matsulda Prefecture.

Armed with intelligence gained on Proserpina, as well as from An Ting and Marduk, General Evans knew that he would be facing the green Second Galedon Regulars, a regiment made up of cadets recently graduated from the Galedon Military Academy, also on Matsuida.

What General Evans' intelligence officers couldn't tell him, however, was that a battalion of the Seventh Ghost, reinforced by a regiment of conventional armor, was also on-world, stranded there without transportation.

Evans and his Seventeenth Avalon Hussars entered the Matsuida system on 29 March, landing on the ugly worid seven days later. During his burn in to the worid, General Evans pinpointed the location of the Second Galedon and chose to ground his RCT in three small communities surrounding the planetary capital of Takesaki. Unfortunately, the intelligence officers of the Seventeenth Avalon failed to pinpoint the Seventh Ghost positions just a hundred kilometers to the south of Takesaki within the mountainous Nikko Forest.

Fielding several companies of C3 equipped 'Mechs and vehicles, the Seventh Ghost hit the landing Seventeenth Hussars in the city of lida, catching two mixed combat commands by surprise. Operating in coordination with the Second Galedon, which was hitting the invading AFFS RCT in Tokura. the Seventh Ghost wiped out those two Hussars units in less than two hours and continued on to Akinari, where a more significant Hussars brigade had landed. General Evans had appraised the tactical situation on the ground by the time the Seventh Ghost blew through his lida units and launched his own assault, targeting the Second Galedon with a dual pincer maneuver that nearly crushed the cadet regiment and succeeded in trapping the Second's conventional troops within the Hussars' maneuver.

Chu-sa Ivan Kent turned away from Akinari as soon as he learned that the Second Galedon was in trouble, force-marching his combined-arms combat command across eighty kilometers of rough ground to reach the flailing Second Galedon before Evans could destroy the entire regiment. Having skirted a combined-arms brigade to do so, Kent hit that same Hussars brigade from its own flank, easing the pressure on the Regulars enough for the regiment to retreat relatively intact. Kent and his Ghost warriors secured the Second Galedon's retreat to Takesaki and then made their own escape back into the Nikko Forest.

Surprised both by the Seventh Ghost's presence and its lightning attacks, General Evans paused to consider his overall strategy on the world while his RCT organized itself. Takesaki was still the primary target on the world, home to not only the primary prefecture command centers but also the Galedon Military Academy, but the addition of the apparently highly-skilled Seventh Ghost to the mix made Evans rethink some of his plans, especially as he still didn't know if the entire Seventh Ghost was on-world or not.

Evans turned to a more conservative strategy as he probed Takesaki while at the same time he scoured the landscape for the Seventh Ghost. Shosho Ikeda Ho and the students within his Second Galedon took the Hussars' presence as a blemish to their honor, however, and launched attack after attack from the city, hoping to catch the RCT unawares. That Evans had detailed a significant portion of his mobile strength to tracking down the Seventh Ghost was the only fact that prevented the Seventeenth Hussars from rolling into the city and laying waste to the young DCMS MechWarriors.

Chu-sa Kent lead the Hussars on a chase for nine weeks, coming out of hiding only long enough to regain Evans' attention before making another mad dash to stay ahead of the RCT. By the middle of June, however, General Evans had enough of the wild goose chase and turned his energies back toward Takesaki, dispatching a few combat commands to secure other large pop ulation centers on the continent of Pao Tu. He waited until a cadet battalion launched its own predictable attack before he stormed into the capital city. While his assault initially took the Hussars well into the city, General Evans miscalculated the determination of the Galedon cadets, whose retaliatory attacks drove his 'Mechs and tanks back to the edge of the city.

Evans continued to push the Galedon Regulars in Takesaki for the next month, showing the DCMS soldiers little mercy but still doing his best to limit damage to the city itself. In late July, though, the Seventh Ghost suddenly appeared again, first rising out of the world's gelatinous and supposedly corrosive oceans in

Mystique Bay, crushing two mixed battalions there before hitting several other Hussars-held cities across the continent.

Still unsure of how large the Seventh Ghost was, Evans detailed a quick-response battalion to track the unit down. The Ghost found him, though, hitting the Seventeenth Hussars directly on the 23rd of July in concert with the Second Galedon. The Hussars lost ground again, but this time did not lose track of the Seventh Ghost. Using his infantry regiments, reinforced with several armored battalions, to hold the Second Galedon within Takesaki, Evans turned the bulk of his 'Mechs and tanks on the Seventh Ghost. While the cadets of the Second Galedon tried to break out of the city to help Chu-sa Kent, Kent attempted to lead Evans on another chase but failed when the Hussars' quick-response battalion blocked his exit from the Hori Plateau. The Seventh Ghost combat command died on the 29th of July, leaving Evans free to turn all of his attention back to Takesaki.

For their part, the Second Galedon maintained integrity for the next six weeks of the siege, but as time rolled on, the cadet corps lost cohesion, even with the continual direction of their training officers. Wave One officially ended with the Seventeenth Hussars in siege on the city, but that would not last much longer into Wave Two.

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