The battle for Matsuida officially lasted for 18 days into Wave Two. Hauptmann General Kev Evans had the city of Takesaki surrounded at the close of Wave One, and had won a significant portion of the city from the defending Second Galedon Regulars. Looking to rapidly conclude the siege, General Evans dispatched a number of small commando squads into the city with orders to hunt down and kill the Second Galedon's surviving officers. Rather than kill them in close, personal combat, however, Evans specifically ordered his commandos to snipe the officers when possible, robbing them of any chance at personal honor. After just two days, his orders had the desired effects.

Enraged that the heretofore honorable Seventeenth Avalon Hussars were murdering their officers, the members of the Second Galedon flew Into a rage and fell into a suicidal state of mind where they felt their last chance for redeeming their personal honor was to attack the Hussars in one final assault. The survivors of the Second Galedon hoped that either their fury would break the Seventeenth Hussars much like the Divine Wind broke the Mongol invasion of Japan almost two millennia ago or else they would meet an honorable death. Unfortunately for the cadets of the Second Galedon, the latfter was their fate.

General Evans had prepared his Hussars for the cadets' assault, and wiped the Second Galedon out to the man in less than an hour on the 12th of September. His troops spent the next week rooting out the final pockets of resistance formed by the world's militia and para-military forces.

Evans declared the world pacified in mid-September and began the process of transporting occupation troops and other follow-on units to the world. As fate would have it, though. General Evans would not have much time to emjoy his command of the world.

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