May Etta

Unlike many of the other battles in this wave, the fight for Mayetta was born more as an accident than by design. Baron Tancred Sandoval, son of Duke James Sandoval, had resigned his commission within the Robinson Rangers once he learned of his father's plans to invade the Draconis Combine. A close ally of Victor Steiner-Davion. Baron Sandoval instead set out to build a support base for the deposed Prince within the Draconis March. While the March was filled with mostly pro-Katherine militia units, Duke James Sandoval still retained the loyalty of most senior officers within the region, making his son's personal quest much more difficult.

After leaving Robinson, the Baron traveled to Cassias, where he hoped to dissuade the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars and the Third Crucis Lancers from taking part in the attack upon the Combine. Baron Sandoval was only partially successful, convincing the already pro-Victor Third Crucis Lancers to assist him. While General Acabee Zardetto kept most of his Third Lancers on Cassias, watching for a Combine counterattack, he assigned a reinforced combat command, made up of one of his 'Mech battalions and the Seventh Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment, to Baron Sandoval.

As he was preparing to leave Cassias, Baron Sandoval received a message of support from an unlikely source; Leftenant. General Jason Yalos, commander of the Mayetta DMM. Though he and his unit had expressed their fanatical devotion to Archon Katherine shortly after her ascension to power, he made a 180-degree swing, conveying his message of support for Victor's campaign to the former Prince. He even went so far as to detain Marshal Vonda DeGreer and her PDZ command staff, all apparent supporters of the Archon.

Baron Sandoval recognized not only the value of Mayetta, but also the fact that it would likely become a target for the Archon's forces. The baron immediately lead his unit to Mayetta.

When he arrived on 7 March, he discovered that elements of the Bremond and Milligan DMMs had taken it upon themselves to hit Mayetta in concert, hoping to crush Yalos and his Allied DMM. While the Loyalist units had been on-world only a few days, Yalos had already given up a third of the world to the invaders and had suffered heavy casualties and losses due to capture and desertion.

Baron Sandoval dropped his combat command in Yalos' rear area and within two hours of landing was hitting the combined Loyalist advance head-on on the Plains of Quaree. His attack stunned the Loyalists long enough for Sandoval to get a handle on the situation on Mayetta. He had already known that Yalos was more a political appointee than a general and was interested more in gaining political power for himself than in the security of Federated Suns. Sandoval quickly found out that Yalos was a lack adaisical commander, a fact that severely hampered the DMM's operational ability.

Nevertheless, Baron Sandoval attempted to whip the Mayetta DMM into fighting form and push back the Bremond and Milligan DMMs, yet the problems within his own forces continued to hamper their fighting abilities. The Third Crucis Lancers armored regiment was used to operating free of direct oversight, instead fighting with the support of several other armored and mechanized infantry regiments. As a result, they continually fell prey to Loyalist advances that drew them out into unsupported attack positions. Likewise, General Yalos and his inexperienced DMM found themselves out-thought and out-fought at every turn. Over the course of a month of heavy fighting, Baron Sandoval felt that he was on the verge of a victory a dozen times, only to see that potential melt away. While he was inflicting heavy casualties on the opposing DMMs. his own forces were likewise losing fighting strength in every battle.

Worse, the two Loyalist DMMs managed to unseat Yalos' troops from the Fort Mayetta Military Complex and the Carptain military base in the second week of April, taking for themselves the primary targets on the world. By the beginning of May, Baron Sandoval recognized that he was fighting a losing battle on Mayetta. While he could potentially keep the Loyalist DMMs tied up for months, or even years, there were more important targets within the Federated Suns that he could potentially take and keep.

On 11 April, Baron Sandoval pushed his Allied troops one last time, again meeting the Milligan DMM in the Tuskange Depression. He attempted to flank the Milligan DMM through the forests of the Irulian Expanse with a mixed combat command, and in doing so hold the Loyalist force in place' while he retreated from Mayetta. but again his efforts failed. Leftenant General Syraman Simpreeni hit the Allied flanking force with two fast com bat commands of his own Bremond DMM, and almost immediately followed through with a brigade advance that crushed an Allied combat command and pushed the rest qf Sandoval's forces into a retreat.

The Baron fell back to a secondary fire base within the Goran Moraines. While General Yalos was dead-set against a retreat from Mayetta, Baron Sandoval knew he could not win the fight for the world. Sandoval did convince many of the surviving Mayetta DMM's senior officers to follow him off of the world, and commanding a mixed brigade, left Mayetta on 14 April.

General Simpreeni consolidated what was left of the Milligan DMM with his own forces and made a last push on Yalos starting on the 18th. Over the course of two weeks, Simpreeni slowly wore Yalos down, eventually crushing the last remnants of the Mayetta DMM in the four-hour battle for the Raabel Pass, one of just three major thoroughfares through the Ren Kalen Mountains, standing to the southwest of the Goran Moraines and the Tuskange Depression.

Simpreeni took Yalos prisoner at the end of the fight. General Yalos stood trial for crimes against the Federated Commonwealth and for the murder of Marshal DeGreer and two dozen of her senior officers—executed in the week following Baron Sandoval's retreat—and was himself Imprisoned until the end of the Civil War.

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