Mech Warrior Integration

The MechWarrior, Third Edition (MW3) RPG offers a host of options for games set in the Civil War. It can be used in tandem with BattleTech, AeroTech and BattleForce to provide more detailed characters for those games, it can be used In a combined MechWarrior-wargamc campaign, or it can be used for a purely MechWarrior campaign. Rules for integrated games may be found in the. core rulebook and the MechWarrior's Guide to Solaris VII. The Mechwarrior's Guide to the Clans may also be appropriate for campaigns based in the ARDC and those areas targeted by Clan lade Falcon. The Field Manual: Lyran Alliance and Field Manual: Federated Suns also contain information relevant to Civil Warbased MechWarrior games, particularly those involving military characters. The following character and campaign concepts are geared toward stand alone MechWarrior games but may also form part of an integrated campaign.

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