Military Alliance

From the moment they had begun negotiations for the Federated-Commonwealth Alliance treaty. Prince Davion and Archon Steiner envisioned a united nation, governed by the progeny of Hanse and Melissa Davion and protected by the most powerful military the Inner Sphere had seen in centuries. Their first actions in support of the military alliance were to sponsor wargames between the two militaries, followed shortly thereafter by the formation of the Federated Commonwealth Corps, an organization of allied troops that eventually encompassed twelve full RCTs, staffed by the finest soldiers that both the Lyran and Federated Suns military academies could produce and equipped with the best military hardware.

would be exempt from the line of succession as they would have been born after his proclamation. Until Yvonne Steiner-Davion has any children, the lines of succession within the Federated Suns will be cloudy.

Likewise, within the Lyran Alliance, the lines of succession are just as vague. Peter Steiner-Davion is the Archon, and the lines will trace from him through his spouse and children just as they do for his sister, Yvonne. The current Heir-Presumptive is General Lisa Steiner, daughter of the late General of the Armies Nondi Steiner "(the sister of Katrina Steiner and aunt to Melissa Steiner).

- Article by Dr. Harry Kuzak, Chairman NAIS Law Department, 3067

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