New Aragon

Noble Ruler: Duchess Caroline Gwinn-Robertson

Star Type (Recharge Time): K2V (193 hours)

Position In System: 3rd

Time to Jump Point: 4.85 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Dijon)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Surface Water Coverage: 60 percent Equatorial Temperature: 45° C (Tropical) Highest Native Life: Amphibian Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: A Population Size: 2,587,360,000 Soclo-lndustrlal Levels: B-B-A-B-A

New Aragón was colonized as part of a land scam during the twenty third century, the planet was cast as a world with "fertile ground and abundant water" to lure buyers, when in fact most of New Aragón's two continents of Glastonbury and Dreymon were predominantly swamps. To make matters worse, the land was Infested with insect-like creatures carrying more diseases than could be counted.

In spite of this, the colonists drained the swamplands, leaving what proved to be dynamically fertile land that was able to sustain a large farming population. Additionally, the native amphibian life became a delicacy that were soon exported as gourmet Items. In addition, New Aragón has become a leading center for medical research. The capital of Argos, located on the continent of Glastonbury, is home to the New Aragón Institute of Epidemiology—a leading Inner Sphere medical research facility.

Of course. New Aragón has also seen its share of military action. When Davion forces, lead by Marshal Peter Davion captured New Aragón in 2930, the people rebelled against their new masters. It was not until 3013, with Hanse Davion as Military Governor, that the AFFS restores order; Prince Hanse earning his nickname "The Fox" on the world of New Aragon. New Aragon's people have been staunch supporters of House Davion ever since.

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