New Araqon

By the beginning of the First Wave, the fight on New Aragon had already amassed a large casualty list, but the two sides were far from done. The Allied force centered around the First Aragon Borderers and the mercenary 12th Vegan Rangers had very aptly kept the much larger Third F-C from making any significant gains on the world and even inflicted serious casualties on much of the RCT, though not without taking some heavy losses of their own, especially within the Borderers.

Wave One operations opened on New Aragon with a surprise counterattack on the part of Hauptmann General Charles Finnigan and his Third FC. With the Borderers down to less than half combat strength, Finnigan made a diversionary attack on Leftenant General Jimmie Kirston and his Borderers while the bulk of Finnigan's combat strength vectored to hit the Twelfth Vegan

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