New Avalon

By the end of Wave Six, the major players were in place for the assault on New Avalon. While the entire battle for New Avalon will be described in the next section, a number of preliminary actions happened during the summer of 3066 on New Avalon.

That the Archon securely held the world was unquestioned. She had too many of her agents in high positions, and far too many enforcers to call upon, for officials who found themselves believing that the Archon needed to be removed to operate openly or freely. On the other hand, the world of New Avalon had always been incredibly loyal to the Davion family and Katherine's actions over the past several years proved to many that she was not deserving of Its loyalties.

The Allied sympathizers within the High Command were in the best position to assist the war effort, but were also carefully watched by Katherine's agents. Since the beginning of the war, literally thousands of ranking military and civilian per sonnel had been arrested on New Avalon, with eighty-two having been executed for acts of treason. So, over the course of time, they very slowly and carefully made preparations for the eventual invasion. Supplies and ammunition were routed to secret caches. Personnel were transferred out of some sections and into others, grouping them together with other Allied sympathizers. Dormant viruses were placed within key computer systems and saboteurs prepared to destroy important command and control nodes.

With the approach of April, the Archon had recalled several additional units to New Avalon, swelling the numbers of AFFS personnel on-world. As those numbers increased, Allied sympathizers and special forces teams all over New Avalon initiated their final plans. They incited demonstrations and riots against the Archon to draw out and tire the military. They also prepared their last few military units, most militia or free conventional companies and battalions, but also including the three combined-arms battalions that Marshal Bishop Sortek had broken off from his First Davion Guards and hidden deep in the Grand Avalon Mountains, within bunkers that only a few within the Department of the Quartermaster knew about.

Additionally, Allied agents within the High Command, having always monitored communications and passed on relevant information, and even "lost" or "misinterpreted" the occasional communiqué, began to step up their information warfare.

Though no military battles were fought during this time, the campaign for New Avalon had already begun.

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