New Avalon

As Wave Six was coming to a close, the Archon and her advisors were nervously watching the incoming reports of Allied troop movements and intelligence analyses on the battles that were coming to a close throughout the former Federated Common wealth. They knew that Victor was nearby and that his close allies, like Duke Tancred Sandoval and Field Marshal ArdarvSortek, were closing in on the capital from the Draconis March and Capellan March, respectively. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion had gathered a huge defensive force to the world, consisting of the Nineteenth Arcturan Guards, Tenth Deneb Light Cavalry, Fifth Donegal Guards and the Third Robinson Rangers. He had also brought the Remagen CMM from the world from Nunivak while the Archon secured the assistance of ComStar's 299th Division, headquartered on New Avalon. Though he hadn't cxpected it, a brigade of Seventeenth Avalon Hussars, having rebelled against General Evans, had also made their way to New Avalon to take part in Its defense.


The Archon had "stranded" the Davion Heavy Guards on Galax long before the first battles of the Civil War were fought. She placed the RCT there, ostensibly to defend that important world, and stripped them of their JumpShip contingent. Of course, by placing the single most powerful RCT in the AFFS on that world, she denied herself the world's production of aerospace fighters and DropShips. While she could not afford to send enough forces needed to take the world back from the Heavy Guards, she kept the Heavy Guards in place for almost the entire Civil War.

With this world so close to New Avalon, Galax became a staging area for Allied troops en route to New Avalon. The Second Davion Guards arrived in the middle of Wave Six while the First and Third Crucis Lancers made landfall on Galax in May of 3066, after a brief layover on Meinrad. Duke Tancred hit Galax shortly afterward with the Second Robinson Rangers. Sandoval left in late June, with the First Lancers and a third of the Heavy Guards in tow. only to have Victor's own massive task force begin arriving in-system in October. By November, the Allies had all but aban doned Galax for New Avalon.

New Avalon

Duke Tancred entered the New Avalon system on 30 June, blasting their way through the Archon's naval blockades with a fleet of assault DropShips, spearheaded by the dozen Conquistadors the Heavy Guards had appropriated from Galax. Sandoval's Second Robinson Rangers landed on the continent of Rostock with the assistance of Allied sympathizers, who disabled space and air traffic control sensors and marked LZs on that sparsely populated continent. The Third Robinson Rangers were

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