New Sybtis

Following the trouncing that Duke Hasek's forces had delivered to the Loyalists, Including the death of Hauptmann General Justin Leabo, the Duke continued to push forward to drive the Archon's invaders from his home world. Hauptmann General Victor Amelio launched his own plan at the outset of Wave Six to halt the Duke and crush one of Hasek's units.

Amelio took command of the last surviving elements of the Eleventh Avalon Hussars after he learned of Leabo's death and redeployed the unit to the Bowerton Glacier, where they could operate freely to threaten different regions of the world. The Duke detailed his Kathil CMM to deal with those remnants, but instead of finding just the decimated Eleventh Avalon Hussars, the CMM found also Amelio's Fourth Donegal Guards. The Hussars literally burst out from beneath the ice to hold the CMM in place while Amelio's Fourth Guards moved in from both sides in a pincer movement. Two days of battle broke the CMM, but also crushed the remainder of the Hussars. As CMM survivors trickled into nearby AFFS bases for the next two weeks, Amelio incorporated the rest of the Hussars into his RCT and continued to strike out at Duke Hasek.

Calling heavily on the Ridgebrook CMM now, General Amelio pushed hard, with his eyes set on the planetary capital of Saso—and Duke Hasek's underground command center. The two sides jockeyed for position with each other for quite a while, but the Ridgebrook CMM made a serious misstep when they made a fighting retreat through the Morgan Hasek-Davion Memorial Park, a lone point in the middle of a vast icy wilderness. The destruction of that monument to the former Duke galvanized the world's defenders against the Loyalist invaders. From that point on, they began to show no mercy.

Following the death of Leftenant General Seth Miller, General Amelio promoted Leftenant General Emeline Jones to the command of the Ridgebrook CMM in the first week of April. The two generals continued to battle on, but the'long campaign was truly taking its toll on the Loyalist troops. Yet the two Loyalist units made quite a bit of headway in the final week of April and the first two weeks in .May"

They soon discovered it was not entirely because of their fighting abilities.

Duke Hasek found himself rapidly running out of ammunition and consumables by the middle of the wave—unfortunately he had been supplying his other unit? operating within the Capellan March with stores taken directly from his final reserves on New Syrtis, leaving him only with enough to last through nine months of concentrated campaigning. His units had been consuming those stores at an accelerated rate, however, and as the campaign approached its seventh month, Duke Hasek found himself needing a quick victory.

He instructed his senior commanders to steadily fall back toward Saso In the face of the Loyalist advance. In Saso he knew that his troops would not only benefit from short lines of communication, but they would also fight with just a bit more vigor.

The Loyalists reached the outskirts of the capital on 14 May, opening the assault with a heavy artillery barrage into the city to weaken the defenders' positions. The minute they opened fire, Duke Hasek's troops had the upper hand.

Returning fire with their own artillery, the New Syrtis defenders very quickly silenced the Loyalist guns and launched their own attack. The mercenary Vanguard Legion took up station within the city, along with several regiments of conventional infantry, while the New Syrtis CMM and the Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers struck out at the Loyalists' flanks. General Leabo did not divert his own RCT from the primary target of Saso, though, instead leaving General Jones to deal with the flanking assaults.^The Davion Light Guards stood watch as a mobile reserve, moving in to counter a Fourth Donegal movement of two combat commands trying to skirt the city limits and attack from a different angle 24 hours after the first assault.

Less than 18 hours later, General Leabo had won a foothold within the city, but quickly found himself up against a mercenary command that had not only taken the campaign on New Syrtis personally, but also had a deep-seated hatred of all things Lyran. Colonel Chad Dean, commander of the Vanguard Legion, lead his troops into battle against Leabo's Fourth Donegal Guards, stopping their advance cold, though only after suffering heavy casualties. As the battle progressed, he and his MechWarriors lost control and began firing into the cockpits of downed enemy 'Mechs, ensuring that they would not return to fight another day. Only the intervention of MechWarriors from the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers, who had finally crushed the Ridgebrook CMM and entered the city in chase of the Fourth Donegal, prevented the mercenaries from executing every Loyalist soldier they found.

The desperate battle for New Syrtis ended that day, 16 May 3066, with Hauptmann General Justin Leabo surrendering his command.

Twelve days later, the Second Ceti Hussars grounded on the world. Though the campaign for New Syrtis had ended before they could lend their assistance, the unit had completely secured the world of Taygeta for the Allied cause. They waited there until Field Marshal Sortek reached the world, at which time they followed him to New Syrtis. Once there, the Field Marshal and Duke Hasek met to discuss tTie final campaign against New Avalon. Duke Hasek refused to join the Field Marshal on his final drive, however, instead committing himself to taking final control over his Capellan March and beginning the long healing process.

Field Marshal Sortek did attach the Davion Light Guards, as well as the remnants of the Vanguard Legion, to his growing task force, however, and began the long journey to New Avalon shortly afterward.

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