New Syrtis

Noble Ruler: Duke George Hasek

Star Type (Recharge Timé): KbIV (197 hours)

Position in System: 4th

Time to Jump Point: 4,12 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Vamey's Star)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Surface Water Coverage: 50 percent Equatorial Temperature: 35" C (Mlld-Temperatc) Highest Native Life: Plant Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: A Population Size: 258,654,000 Socio-lndustrlal Levels: A-A-B-A C

A world stuck in a perpetual ice age, New Syrtis is all but completely covcred in huge sheets of ice. New Syrtis was discovered during the days of the Terran Alliance but was not colonized until late in the 2260s. Its first inhabitants were prospectors looking to get rich. When the gold rush faded, major mining companies moved in and began to seriously work the deeper mines and harvest the great veins of ore the planet had to offer.

New Syrtis is a unique world, if only for the tropical zone at its equator. The large island continent of Copplin is a paradise compared to the northern continent of Mawreddog. Its been said that all New Syrtans make it point to travel to Copplin once a year, just to thaw out. The capital city of Saso is on the northern continent. along with Saso University. Near the university and hidden underground beneath two kilometers of iimestonff, ice and snow is the Regional Military Headquarters of the Capellan March, a facility known as 'The Cave'.

New Syrtis produces iron ore, precious metals, petroleum and BattleMechs. The New Syrtis Shipyard Is also co-located ln-system. building a number of different civilian and military spacecraft.

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