Newtown Square

Victor landed on Newtown Square on April 2, en-route to Hood IV, and linked up with the Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars, who had won possession of the world from the Deep Hunters. Hunting down the last survivors of the mercenary company proved a major challenge for the Thirty-ninth, prompting Major-General Bella Bragg to scatter her command across Newtown Square as hunter-killer units. Given the absence of any substantive threat, the deci slon made perfect sense. It almost killed the former Prince.

On April 3, units of the Fourteenth Donegal Guards arrived at Newtown Square from Barcelona, alerted by the Deep Hunters' call. Commanded by Leutnant-General Adam Steiner, a distant cousin of the deposed prince, the Fourteenth arrived in-system ahead of Victor's force but waited until he had landed on planet before springing their trap, staging combat-assaults across the planet scarcely ten hours after Victor touched down. The bulk of Adam's forces landed near the capital city, Market, but other elements of the Guard sought to pin down the wide-spread members of the Hussars, preventing them moving to aid their beleaguered HQ. Victor knew that to stay in Market would be to invite his cousin's forces to overrun his position—he had a mixed combat command to Adams multi-regiment force—and so after consulting with General Bragg, Victor abandoned the city. The move cost the Allies their DropShips, their only means of escaping the world, but gave them the chance to carry on fighting, perhaps even lasting long enough to bring the Thirty^ninth together as a cohesive unit, or else find a way off-world.

The result was a three week madcap chase across the savannah—named the Plains of Culd—that dominates Newtown Square's principal continent. The Donegal Guards nipped at the Hussars' heels, preventing them from remaining in one place for more than a few hours, while (he absence of significant terrain features prevented the Hussars from establishing a solid defensive position. Victor's force had little choice but to abandon a number of vehicles when repair and fueling proved Impractical, though they also managed to link up with outlying elements of the Thirty-ninth. It wasn't until April 17 that the Hussars were able to take a short respite from their flight, linking up with a fresh armor battalion at the West Culd training facility, where they picked up ammunition and equipment—part of the LAAF's contingency plans in case of a renewed Clan invasion—that allowed the Hussars to rearm and repair.

For the first two weeks of the battle, the Thirty ninth Hussars' air wings, badly denuded by the battle against the Deep Hunters, prevented the Donegal Guard from bringing their air power to bear on the retreating ground units. On the 20th of April, however, a lightning strike by the light tanks of the Fifteenth Donegal Armored Cavalry Regiment caught many of the Hussar aerospace fighters on the ground rearming, capturing them and removing the Loyalist's air umbrella. For the next few days, the Donegal Guard exploited that advantage mercilessly, staging roundtheclock attacks on Hussar positions and using recon overflights to keep track of the Hussar's positions.

On April 24, the Guards caught up with the Hussars once more and renewed their assault. The viciousness of the assault scattered the Hussars, leaving only a core of two battalions supporting the former Prince. The Guards kept up the pressure on the smaller force, attempting to isolate Victor from his supporters, staging a series of brutal assaults. The Allied position was tenuous, and the appearance of several DropShips over the battlefield prompted a number of Victor's advisers to advocate renewed flight. Fortunately for the Allies, the DropShips were friendly, transporting the 244th Com Guard division from Mogyorod. The ComStar unit, nicknamed the 'Prince's Men', had chosen to side with Victor in the Civil War and had gone AWOL (they were officially declared renegade on May 11) to come to the Prince's aid. Their arrival, though fortuitous and in sufficient force to defeat the Fourteenth Donegal, was almost too late. A last desperate attack by the Adam Steiner succeeded in shattering Victor's command company and the Prince's 'Mech was downed in the last moments of the battle.

Victor survived but sustained a number of injuries, including a broken collarbone, cracked ribs and a concussion. He spent much of the next two weeks in hospital while his subordinates rounded up the remaining members of the Donegal Guards, who had surrendered shortly after Victor fell. To the surprise of many, the Prince allowed Adam and his troops to keep their weapons, instead merely using the Guards' supply caches to rebuild the Thirty-ninth and the 244th, and transferring many of the defeated unit's JumpShips and DropShips to the transport-starved Thirty-ninth. Victor's rationale was that he did not wish to denude defenses along the Jade Falcon border and would leave his cousin's command intact so they would remain a bulwark of the defenses against the Clans. Though derided as a weakness by many at the time, the Prince's decision was proved oddly prophetic when the Falcons did indeed launch an assault on the Alliance a year later.

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