Odessa was never meant be a battleground but instead a diplomatic mission on behalf of Victor that was turned into a bloody feud by the machinations of Katherine Steiner-Davion and the planetary lord, Count Nicholas Rsk. Having campaigned throughout the core-spinward regions of the Alliance, the Thorin FTM—also known as Archer's Avengers after their commander, General Archer Christifiori—departed Alcor under orders from Prince Victor, bound for Odessa to negotiate with the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars, whose contract with the Alliance was due to expire. The Irregulars' contract with the Alliance excluded their deployment in a Civil War and as a result, the elite unit sought to ride out the conflict, providing rear-echelon security on Odessa at the Archon's request. Victor sought to win the Irregulars to his cause and dispatched Christifiori to negotiate with the mercenaries. However, plans were afoot to both destroy the Thorin FTM and to bring the Irregulars into the war on Katherine's side.

Initial contacts between Christifiori and Snord were peaceful and the two commanders agreed to meet face to face to discuss the situation. Unbeknownst to either, a third force had landed on Odessa—the mercenary unit Wolverton's Highlanders (ostensibly part of the Blackstone Highlanders) who were directly loyal to count Rsk. Disguising some of his troops as members of the two other units, Colonel Robert Feehan of the Highlanders ambushed Ronda Snord and Archer Christifiori en-route to their meeting on 16 April.

Colonel Snord was rendered comatose by the attack, forcing her daughter Natasha to take command of the unit and seek redress against the "duplicitous" Avengers while General Christifiori sought vengeance against the treacherous Irregulars. Feehan—and Count Rsk—sat back to watch the two units beat each other senseless. The Irregulars found themselves besieged in the ruins of Bealton, though the "arrival" of the Wolverton's Highlanders at the end of April gave them hope of a rescue. Rsk sought to make such aid conditional on the Irregulars re-signing with the Alliance, however, (their contract expired at the end of April 28th) this time without the civil war exclusion.

Fortunately for the Irregulars and the Avengers, the Highlanders duplicitous actions were uncovered when the Avengers captured the Lyran agent attached to Wolverton's Highlanders and discovered the 'Mechs used in the ambush. At great personal risk, Archer Christifiori made this information available to the Irregulars and, having recovered consciousness on 2 May, Ronda Snord allied the Irregulars with the Avengers.

Wolverton's Highlanders, who expected to find themselves with an easy battle against the Avengers and later the Irregulars, found themselves outmatched. Count Fisk was interned In a pris oner of war camp, his world and possessions forfeit to Victor, while General Christifiori and Colonel Snord dispatched Robert Feehan to Outreach where he would face trial by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission headed by Wolfs Dragoons.

Feehan was ultimately found guilty of gross misconduct and violation of the Mercenary Code, and subsequently stripped of his command. The final fate of the regiment is still being deliberated. however. Colonel Blackstone's appeal against the Commission's ruling against Feehan is still pending, though his unit has effectively been bankrupted by the case, its rating downgraded to such an extent that the mercenaries cannot currently find viable employment.

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