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Victor's movements in the summer of 3063 were intended to build up his strength, wooing units to his cause and securing vital resources. His efforts met with mixed success, but by the end of Wave One, the former prince was in position to move against some of the worlds both he and his sister would need to prosecute the war.


Stationed on Pandora at the outset of the Civil War, the Third Donegal Guards made the trek to Crimond in late April, landing on 7 May, with orders to disarm and detain the Argyle Lancers. Colonel Walter Scully had long been expecting just such a move and had already made preparations on the worid. As soon as the Donegal Guards' DropShips appeared in the system, Scully put his plans into action.

Scully had redeployed his unit from encampments all around the world to Fort Beaufort, a major LAAF test base. Leutnant-General Wendell Power dropped his RCT onto the base in three separate LZs and closed in on the Lancers' positions. Colonel Scully had laid minefields all around the base, however, a fact that Power's troops very quickly learned. The Donegal Guards called down airstrike after airstrike to clear paths through the mines, but the process would take quite a bit of time, time that Scully used to the utmost. He maneuvered the bulk of his Lancers through the minefields and directly attacked Power's northernmost brigade, inflicting heavy losses on the immobile Guards. General Power tried to maneuver the rest of his units to come to the aid of the besieged Guards, but the Lancers faded away back through the minefields before significant force could be brought to bear.

The Lancers made half a dozen such attacks during the first four days of the battle for Fort Beaufort, each time delivering heavy losses to the Donegal Guards while themselves taking only minor casualties. Eventually, however, the Guards worked their way through the minefields and assaulted the Lancers' positions directly. Scully still had a few tricks up his sleeve, but not enough to hold out indefinitely.

Once Power's Guards reached their primary firebases, the Lancers fell back into the Beaufort test area where they confounded the Donegal Guards with live-fire targets and the stripped hulks of discarded 'Mechs and tanks. The Donegal Guards chased the Lancers through the range for two weeks before final ly managing to run them to ground on the Dreyan Rats. There, the Argyle Lancers died.

Or at least that was what General Power believed. During the Lancers' retreat from the Donegal Guards, Colonel Scully had managed to break off several companies, which hid in the wilderness surrounding the fort. Those Lancers remained hidden until long after the Third Donegal Guards left the world, only coming out when Clan Jade Falcon landed its troops a year later.

Hood IV

On May 15, Victor left Newtown Square with the Avalon Hussars and the Prince's Men, arriving a week later at Hood IV where he sought to convince the Fifteenth Lyran Regulars to side with him in the conflict. Though professing her admiration for the Prince, Colonel Lisa Orsini refused to commit her troops to the Allied cause, citing the need to remain vigilant against the Jade Falcons. Victor accepted her decision and departed for Winter. However, many of his aides concurred with the recent LAAF report that suggested the once-adventurous commander of the Bully Boys had lost her edge and become overly cautious.

New Capetown

By late August, Victor's odyssey had taken him to New Capetown, site of a major academy and home of the Royal New Capetown Training Battalion. His forces were bolstered there by the arrival of the FCS Melissa Davion, an AvalortClass cruiser that had gone AWOL from Kittery early in 3063, giving the loyalists their first Warship. Victor's efforts to woo New Capetown to his cause were, however, doomed from the first. While Alfred Vaughn, CO of the training battalion, acknowledged Victor's martial prowess, he deriding the Star League's decision to strike at the Smoke Jaguars in 3058 rather than the Jade Falcons. Victor's decision to allow his bodyguard, the former Smoke Jaguar Elemental Tiaret Nevarrson, to accompany him to his address to the New Capetown troops was, with the benefit of hindsight, a major political faux-pas. Though New Capetown had lost much of the racism that was once endemic on the world, the Clans remained a reviled foe, particularly as Alfred Vaughn's anti clan views had taken root among his pupils and the other instructors. On September 14, Victor boosted from New Capetown, his eyes squarely set on the vital industrial world of Coventry.


The arrival of Marshal Alberta Orsina and her Fourth Davion Guards sealed the fate of the Sixth Lyran Guards on Rasalgethi. The Lyran Guards had holed themselves up inside a grand series of underground bunkers on the R0nne Air Base. With absolutely no hope of escaping the wodd with two RCTs arrayed against them, the members of the Sixth Guards began pushing their lead ers into surrendering to the Allied units. Leutnant-General Quitman Brown would not hear of it, however, and continued to hold out against the artillery and air strikes. The Sixth Lyran Guards continued to hold out into the middle of March when entire companies began to emerge from the bunkers and surrender to the Allied troops.

Brown was infuriated by his subordinates' actions and ordered his closest associates, all former or current DMI operatives. to find and execute the leaders of the internal rebellion. On the 22nd of March, twenty Lyran Guards officers and senior NCOs were murdered. Instead of quelling the rebellion, however, his orders only precipitated a full-scale revolt of his entire command. He and his senior officers were arrested, and Colonel Theodore Hess signaled to the Allies that his unit was emerging from their bunkers under a white flag. The entirety of the surviving Sixth Lyran Guards were taken prisoner on the 24th. ending the conflict on the world.


Victor expected Winter to be a much more problematic mission. the elite and fanatical (albeit understrength) Seventh Crucis Lancers having refused to commit to either Katherine or himself. Unlike Hood, where Victor was accompanied by little more than a bodyguard unit, his landings on Winter were accompanied by a full battalion of troops in case the situation turned nasty. He need not have worried. Not only did the Seventh welcome Victor with open arms but they organized a parade review for his benefit, declaring unequivocally to the Allied cause. Katherine's orders to isolate and "deal with" neutral commands colored the Lancer's perceptions, but Victor's own actions drew them into his camp. The Prince's willingness to deal with defeated commands—namely Adam Steiner's Fourteenth Donegal—in an honorable manner and to the advantage of the Alliance convinced Leutnant-General Jasper Zibler to support Victor's cause, unlike Katherine whose actions seemed to be solely to shore up her own position and whose forces had killed his nephew in the flashpoint battle on Kathil.

Unfortunately, the Lancers lacked substantive transport assets and could only move small-scalc units. They were thus of little use to Victor as a major fighting force, despite their experience and battle readiness, and so the Prince broke the unit into a number of units that he used to secure Inarcs, site of a valuable factory complex, and to secure his rear areas. In the months to come, the Seventh would play a major role in securing Coventry and other worlds vital to Victor's efforts.

Strategic Movements

As in the Federated Suns, leaders on both sides began to move units around the Alliance like pieces in a grand game of chess. On the Allied side, the Second Crucis Lancers moved from Timbiqui to the nearby world of Cavanaugh II, where General Anne Sung was able to convince the Tenth Lyran Regulars to give up their neutral stance and declare their support for Victor (though General Richard Steiner's pressure was nearly enough to break the Regulars before Colonel Ingles made the decision for his unit).

General of the Armies Nondi Steiner made a number of strategic moves during this wave, too, all designed to either hold key worlds or to put units in place for potential follow-on actions. She moved the Eleventh Arcturan Guards to Triesting, the First Alarion Jaegers to Vendrell and the Third Lyran Guards to Pandora. Though not operating under orders from anyone, the surviving elements of the Fifteenth Arcturan Guard relocated to the world of Bucklands following their defeat on Thorin.

Several units owing only nominal allegiance to either the Loyalist or Allied side also made some movements during Wave One. Allegedly under orders from Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner the three Skye Rangers units began the long trek "home" to the Skye Province; the Fourth Skye Rangers moved to Summit, the Seventeenth to Kelang and the Twenty-second to Miquelon. Likewise, under orders directly from Duke James Sandoval, the Second Robinson Rangers likewise left their post on Phecda and made their way to Rigil Kentarus.

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