Other Actions

A number of smaller-scale, yet no less important, battles waged within the Federated Suns. Primarily designed to keep the lines of communication open, these battles tended to favor the Allied forces, who at this point still needed to take and hold both regional logistics depots and factory worlds to keep their forces in fighting shape. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Datfion also fought harcf to do the same, though constant pressure from Archon Katherine prevented him from committing the troops he wanted to these battles, instead assigning them to less strategically important worlds in hopes of taking down Victor Steiner-Davion or one of his key lieutenants.


The situation on Panpour did not long femain In the Loyalists' favor. The First Albion Cadre and the Fighting Urukhal's DeMaestri's Sluggers stood up against the CMM forces that had taken the Jalestar Aerospace complex, preventing them from making any other gains on the world. They spent months securing the airfields and military bases surrounding the city of Kantara. and even isolating and destroying a single combat command that had ventured forth from the city to test the Allies' defenses.

The new year saw the entire Lexington Combat Group land on Panpour under orders from Duke George Hasek, who needed the world to keep the units within his own march operating. Having waited on Enchi for almost a year, the mercenaries were eager to get back into the war. They had received no communications from Held Marshal Sortek in months, so Major General Malcom Feinman willingly accepted Duke Hasek's orders to secure Jalestar Aerospace and reopen the supply lines to that world.

The mercenaries had been training hard on Enchi for the ten months that they had been on the world, practicing wargames in both urban and wilderness regions. They had spent most of their time In mock assaults on the wortd's major cities, however, and were ideally suited to retaking Jalestar from the CMM troops.

The Lexington Combat Group landed within Kantara and very rapidly made their way through the city to secure the perimeter of the Jalestar complex, setting up roadblocks with infantry and armor and reconfiguring their battalions to optimize them for the assault. General Feinman began the assault by infiltrating commandos into the complex to disable the two CMMs' air defense systems. He then air-dropped two battalions of battle armor onto the complex while simultaneously hitting Jalestar from the ground with his BattleMechs. His light and medium 'Mechs made their way through the massive complex to support his battle armor, and both reigned havoc upon the CMM forces.

Feinman's attack pushed the CMM out of Jalestar, though not without some significant damage to the complex, and out of Kantara altogether. The Albion Cadre and the Fighting Urukhai had redeployed to give the CMM enough room to escape from the city and yet still blunt their escape. Angered at the arrival of the Lexington Combat Group and their assumption of command on Panpour, the Urukhai moved to close the trap before the Lexington regiments could make their own way out of Kantara. Without all of the Allied troops in place to hold and eliminate the CMMs, the Urukhai's fight quickly turned desperate and bloody. The Albion Cadre had to join in the fray just to prevent the CMMs from escaping the trap, only in doing so they opened themselves up to Hansen's Roughriders.

By the time the Lexington Combat Group could join the battle, more than half of the Fighting Urukhai had been wiped out. Additionally, the Lexington MechWarriors had some difficulty identifying targets within the melee and ended up destroying a num ber of Urukhai 'Mechs. Eventually, the Allied forces were able to take the CMM down, but only at a terrible cost. The Urukhai had less than a battalion of operational 'Mechs left, while the Cadre was in little better condition. The Roughriders. seeing that they stood little chance against the Lexington regiments, retreated from battle and from the world.

Urukhai officers continued to clash with the Lexington Combat Group, first arguing over friendly-fire losses and then battlefield salvage. Eventually, the Urukhai MechWarriors broke into an Allied repair center, absconded with a DropShip full of salvaged 'Mechs and equipment, and left the world on the 28th of February, five days after Hansen's Roughriders retreated.


The Nineteenth Arcturan Guards had been stationed within the Federated Suns for quite a few years. Assigned the factory world of Salem, they had remained out of the war, instead keeping the supply lines back to New Avalon open. That changed on the 5th of February when Fleet Admiral William Kossacks led his Second Davion Guards to the world. Ostensibly under orders from Field Marshal Suzanne Zellner, the Second Guards made the journey with the knowledge and approval of Duke Hasek and Field Marshal Ardan Sortek, who confirmed those orders with Kossacks.

Against an RCT, even though Kossacks had only assigned half of his command to the operation, the Nineteenth Arcturan had little hope of holding out. Leftenant General Gloria Bishop and her troops, who for years had been the butt of jokes within the Federated Suns, nevertheless moved to engage the Davion Guards when they landed. The Arcturan Guards had just seen a shipment of vehicles off to New Avalon and saw no need to see the GM factory destroyed in the fighting over the world.

What started out as a noble gesture on the part of General Bishop and her senior staff quickly turned into a rout. While the Nineteenth opened up on the Davion Guards as soon as they landed, in hopes of catching the Guards unawares, Kossacks' fighter wings prevented the Nineteenth Arcturan from venturing too close to his LZ. The Davion Guards very quickly formed up outside of Eden and attacked the opposing Nineteenth Arcturan.

The battle outside of Eden lasted but a week. General Bishop, reinforced by several militia battalions and two battalions of armor from the GM plant, did her best to fight a stand-up battle, but Kossacks' Davion Guards were more numerous and far more skilled. General Bishop surrendered her command on the 13th of February, turning Salem over to the Second Guards.

As soon as he had secured the world, Fleet Admiral Kossacks transported the rest of his command to the world in expectation of moving deeper into the Crucis March.


Major General Torri Hughes continued her literal uphill battle to reach the Kallon Industries plant in the Kulmen Mountains. Her Seventh F-C fought as hard as they could, but with the Twenty-second Avalon Hussars holding the mountain complex and having erected defensive positions in every pass, the Seventh found it difficult to continue closing in on the plant. Casualties and constant combat wore heavily on their morale. Worse, there was no word from New Syrtls on when they could expect relief—unfortunately Duke Hasek was worrying about the massing of Loyalist troops on Taygeta and was unwilling to dispatch any additional units from his own homeworld until he was certain where the Archon would commit those troops.

The Twenty-second Hussars launched a strike on 13 November that tied up the bulk of the Seventh forces on-world, paving the way for six DropShips of cargo to lift off from the worid. The Allied space forces attempted to intercept, but all six ships escaped their blockade. After that incident, the Twenty-second Hussars returned to a defensive posture, having taken heavy casualties of their own.

The rest of the wave saw nothing but an eventual creeping of the Seventh F-C up through the Kulmens while the Twenty-second Hussars slowly pulled back, punishing the soldiers of the Seventh F-C for every meter.

Strategic Movements

Though it would still continue on for some time, the Civil War was already beginning to wind down. Both sides had little left in the way of strategic reserves, especially Archon Katherine. A few significant moves were made, however, In expectation of the final stages of the war.

The Second Ceti Hussars made the move from Frazer to Sirdar under orders from Duke George Hasek, who was becoming more and more worried with the buildup of Loyalist forces on Taygeta. Marshal of the Armies Davion ordered the Fifth Donegal Guards to leave Benet III and take up station on Kestrel, putting them in a prime location to either assist with the defense of the Draconis March or an eventual assault into the New Avalon Combat Region. Finally, the Second Robinson Rangers returned to Robinson after spending a short time on Mallory's World recovering from their disastrous attack into the Combine.

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