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As the Allied troops prosecuted the war on Tharkad, fighting died out throughout most of the Alliance. The notable exceptions—other than the meat-grinders of Cavanaugh II, Dalkeith and Hesperus—were worlds targeted by troops under the command of Morgan Kell whose task was to pin Loyalist units in place and prevent thoir redeployment to support the capital. The best example of this was the assault on Donegal by the Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guard, who successfully contained the Donegal Jaegers. Similar strikes took place against Bolan and Cumbres. On Donegal, however, the Arcturan Guard seized control of the Garvinny Prison and liberated many political detainees. Among them was Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner, whom Marshal Rudolph Geiger was very leery of releasing, though after consulting with Peter Steiner-Davion, the general allowed the figurehead of the Free Skye movement to go free on 2 December 3066. Duke Robert withdrew to Skye where he had a touching reunion with his young wife before assuming direct control over operations in the province. However, with the failure of operations on Hesperus, his dreams of independence were at an end and the young Duke began plotting to exploit the new political landscape that was forming in the Alliance.

a second daughter, Tabitha, with the First Davion Guard on New Avalon has colored this branch of the Steiner clan's relationship with their Stelner-Davlon cousins. Though Katherine was responsible for the atrocity, Roman blames Victor, Yvonne and Katherine equally for the situation on New Avalon and his granddaughter's 'murder'. The near-death of his five-year old great-grandchildren (Claire and Klaus) during the battle for Tharkad has spread this enmity to Peter Steiner-Davion who Roman accuscs of being reckless and Inconsiderate of the capital's citizens when he launched his bid tor power. Roman Is too far removed to be considered for the Archonship but has nonetheless placed himself at the center of Steiner opposition to Peter's accession.

Though more closely related to the ruling family than many of the other candidates, the ties of Robert Kelswa-Steiner, Duke-in-Exile of Tamar and Duke-Consort of Skye, to the Free Skye movement has effectively destroyed his chances of claiming the Archonship. He has, however, exploited the Alliance's political instability to rebuild his own position after his imprisonment during the Civil War, and to consolidate Free Skye's position after their abortive rebellion. Robert is without doubt Peter's greatest opponent in the post-war era, rivaled only by Roman's family.

The last but by no means least of the candidates is Adam Steiner. Though only distantly related to the Steiner-Davions (Adam and Sarah Steiner have common great-grandparents), Adam has shot to fame with his performance in the Clan Invasion and more recently his leadership and planning of the operation to stem the Jade Falcon incursion of 3064-65. Though far from being a friend of Prince Victor, Adam has sworn himself to supporting Pater for now at least, as the new Margrave of Melissia Theatre, Adam is in frequent coip tact with Caesar Steiner and is already being tipped as a potential successor lor the General of the Armies.

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