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While the war within the Draconis Combine against Clan Ghost Bear continued on full-force, Duke James Sandoval's forces had managed a coup against the Combine like none other experienced in the last century. Proserpina had fallen, as had An Ting and Marduk. As with Marduk, the Duke moved additional armored and infantry units onto both An Ting and Proserpina to help consolidate control over those two key worlds. The combined AFFS units on those worlds continued to hunt down what remained of the defending DCMS and militia forces, an exercise that took relatively little time, at least for those traditionalist samurai who could not honorably go into hiding or operate as part of an underground movement.

The populations on these two worlds were far more hostile to the AFFS troops than those on Marduk, a world that had been a part of the Federated Suns for many years until the Combine took it during the War of 3039. Duke Sandoval had recognized that would be likely, however, and included teams of DMI "re-edu-cation" specialists with each invasion force, and likewise followed up with advisors and liaison teams, all of which would help the civilian populations transition into accepting FedSuns control over their worids.

Unfortunately, while these teams had the chance to begin their work, they never had the opportunity to finish it.

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