Other Actions

Elsewhere in the Alliance there was little change after the bloody fighting of the Flashpoint and Wave One. It almost seemed as if many of the combatants were waiting to see the outcome of the clashes on Coventry and those like Kathil or New Avalon in the Federated Suns before launching themselves into a new paroxysm of violence.


The conflict on Galatea raged on, but to the surprise of many observers did not immediately degenerate into the expected all-out war between the gangs that had been expected. Instead, each group established a clear cut territory that the others seemed to respect, for the time being least. Instead, the emphasis seemed to return to proving individual prowess, with "king of the hill" matches returning to favor and border duels between gang members tending more toward proving personal ability than gang prowess. However, the situation remained tense, awaiting a spark to ignite another round of warfare.

The implosion of the Black Witches gang after a duel between their leader, Lena Chiang and newcomer Laurel Singh was all that it took to restart the warfare. The Grey Slayers moved to take control of the Witches territory, and the few survivors of the gang's collapse contested the move. Soon other gangs sought to take advantage of the power vacuum, attacking into the now-vacant territory and into that of their rivals in an effort to gain an advantage. On 19 February 3064, the Kool Kats launched a coordinated attack on their main rivals, the Yard Dogs, and within a day Galatea w;is once again turned from a series of unrelated border skirmished to a massive melee of competing gangs, each caring little for the non-combatants that resided in their territory.

Strategic Movements

The movements within the Lyran Alliance were nowhere as massive or grand in design as those made within the Federated Suns. Yet the movements made here were no less critical to the future of the war.

Operating on the theory of containing and overwhelming Victor and his Allies, Nondi Steiner continued to maneuver her primary units around the Alliance, bringing several close in to Tharkad. The Eleventh Arcturan Guards moved on from Triesting to Carlisle, moving slowly to the interior of the Alliance, while the First Alarion Jaegers likewise moved to join the Eleventh late in the wave. Following their victory over the First Argyle Lancers on Crimond, the Third Donegal Guards moved on to Cumbres, giving Nondi another loyal unit within striking distance of either the Terran Corridor or Tharkad. The Fourteenth Lyran Guards moved up to Gienah, taking position there to relive the Second Donegal Guards, who themselves made the move to Giausar (though the unit would not reach the world until the next wave). The Seventh Lyran Regulars left Loric behind to take up station alongside the Bolan Jaegers on the capital world of the Bolan Province. Finally, the mercenary unit Mobile Fire took up station on both Odessa and Cumbres in an effort to catch the scattered Allied forces during their movements. The mercenaries would hold the Allies in place while reinforcements arrived from elsewhere; luckily for them, the mercenaries never had the opportunity to implement that plan.

As they did during Wave One, the regiments of the Skye Rangers continued their long trek from the furthest reaches of the Lyran Alliance back to their home province. The Fourth Skye Rangers made the trek from Summit to Mesa Verde, the Seventeenth Rangers from Kelang to Abejorral and the Twenty-second Rangers from Miquelon to Krievci. Because the Rangers' movements were easily hidden in and among the other traffic within the Lyran Alliance, and officers operating under Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner were actively working to disguise the Rangers' travel, no one within the LAAF High Command knew of the Rangers' status. Indeed with all of the confusion caused by the war thus far, mid-level analysts simply assumed that the Rangers were operating under competent orders. Of course, no one would discover where those orders were coming from for some time yet.

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