Other Lyran Alliance Actions

As the Civil War slowly geared up to a hot war within the Lyran Alliance, the political "movers and shakers" did what they could to consolidate their holds upon their own little slices of the pie. While nothing new within the Lyran bureaucracy, it did open up a number of holes that others would soon begin to exploit. Had Archon Katherine and General Nondi Steiner maintained a tighter grip over the nation that they believed loved them so much, they might well have been able to contain Victor Steiner-Davion and quite for his "adventure" but privately he received many plaudits. Success overcomes many things, and many in the League's saw the de-facto possession of Arcadia as a substantial victory, even though Thomas formally relinquished control of the world at the end of the Civil War.

Rifts within the Marik family were, however, less easy to heal. Kristen's only surviving child, her daughter Alys, publicly reprimanded her uncle for "abandoning his flesh and blood." In the years since, the 26 year-old Duchess of Augustine, her mother's little-used title, has risen to the loretront of opposition to Thomas' continued reign.

effectively crush the head of the beast that would trouble them for the next five years.

Solaris VII (13 December 3062)

The world of Solaris VII didn't so much explode into violence as the rioting, looting and sporadic fighting that erupted in August continued. While the deaths of Michael Searcy and Victor Vandergriff did much to calm the storm, it was only temporary. Even though the LAAF moved in nearly the entire Seventeenth Arcturan Guard RCT to help pacify the world—in addition to the surviving combat command of the Thirty-sec-ond Lyran Guards already deployed there—the world remained embroiled.

Paradoxically, an absolute hush fell over the world following the breakout of fighting in the Capellan March and Victor's broadcast, at least everywhere but in the betting halls—where bookmakers quickly began figuring odds on which worlds would break out into fighting and which units would fare best in the Civil War. The catharsis ended on the 13th of December when word of Duke Sandoval's attacks into the Combine reached the world. Rather than Lyran and FedSuns MechWarriors launching attacks upon each other, though, this time it was Combine MechWarriors who lost their temper and stormed across the Solaris River into the Black Hills. Within hours, the entire city was alight again. 'Mechs from the Seventeenth Arcturan passed through Cathay in an attempt to calm the fighting, bringing Confederation fighters into the mix.

This bout of violence lasted for over a week, but died down as Christmas approached. While the commanders of the Seventeenth Arcturan and the Thirty-second Lyran rarely saw eye to eye, they did agree that they would have to take action to prevent the violence from flaring up again. On Christmas day, they deployed their troops onto each significant street intersection, in front of every major public building and even to the different 'Mech stables—especially to the entrances to the underground tunnels used to convey 'Mechs to the various arenas. With BattleMechs, tanks and infantry soldiers patrolling the entire city under effective martial law, the warring factions suddenly turned most of their energies toward the garrisoning troops

Even though the Lyran generals made the right choice to limit only BattleMech travel through the city, they still bore the brunt of public outcry. Nevertheless, they effectively ended the fight within the city, at least for the time being. Of course, there is much more to Solaris VII than just Solaris City. While diehard patriots turned into terrorists, targeting the barracks and bases garrisoned by the Seventeenth and the Thirty-sec-ond, the fight for the world moved to the huge wilderness arenas and wildlife refuges. With untold hundreds of privately owned BattleMechs on world—plus a massive logistics system designed to rapidly repair and rebuild damaged and destroyed 'Mechs in place—the fight, though low-intensity— would last for literally years.

Newtown Square (21 December 3062)

Except for its proximity to the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, Newtown Square is a world of little importance in the coreward-most reaches of the Lyran Alliance. Garrisoned by the Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars, in the late 3050s and early 3060s, the world became something of a forward logistics depot for actions along the OZ and a staging area for units deployed into the coreward Periphery.

In late 3062, the Deep Hunters, a mercenary unit employed by the LAAF to patrol survey star systems in the Periphery and to harass Clan shipping lanes, returned from a three-year long assignment. Within a matter of weeks, fighting broke out on Kathil and Victor made his'broadcast from nearby Mogyorod. As reports of fighting slowly filtered into Newtown Square, the mercenaries began chafing under the pressure. Long-time employees of the Lyran Alliance, they felt that they would be targeted by the staunchly pro-Davion Thirty-ninth Hussars. On the 21st of December, they felt they could wait no longer. Oberst Harald Guntz, commander of the unit, ordered the Deep Hunters into action.

Tasking his two fighter wings to destroy key Thirty-ninth Hussars' command and communications centers, he lead his single BattleMech battalion toward the world's capital city, where he hoped to take over the Newtown Square's seat of government and from there call in the nearby Fourteenth Donegal Guards. Unfortunately for he and his men, Guntz had not carefully studied the LAAF deployment tables before launching his pre-emptive assault. While the Thirty-ninth Hussars had only one recon aerospace fighter wing attached to it, three more "free" wings were also assigned to the world. As soon as the Deep Hunters sortied forth, Major General Bella Bragg pounced on them. With an entire RCT behind her, she made short work of the mercenaries on the ground. In the skies, however, the fight was fierce. Having spent their entire careers either in the LAAF Aerospace Command or fighting bandits and the Clans in the Periphery, the Hunters' pilots ranked among the best in the Inner Sphere. Even at a 2-to-l disadvantage, they well accounted for themselves, simultaneously fighting off the Thirty ninth Hussars in the skies while they attempted to destroy their assigned targets.

The fight lasted most of the day, with the survivors ranking the battle right up with the Great Lee Turkey Shoot of 2953 in sheer brutality. While the fighters of the Thirty-ninth Hussars eventually carried the day, the Deep Hunters had reduced the four wings to less than three squadrons.

Galatea (31 December 3062)

Galatea may have lost most of the prestige that it once held to Outreach, but the world was still a destination for mercenary units from all across the Inner Sphere who were looking for new work. But where Outreach had Wolf's Dragoons to keep the order, Galatea had only a hodge-podge of bctween-assignment mercenaries hired to supplement the world's civil ian police agencies. The only thing surprising about the fight ing on the world was how long it took to break out.

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