The first true "wave" of the Civil War began in early March of 3063. As commanders and political powerbrokers watched the entire former Federated Commonwealth degenerate into Civil War, a few began to recognize the need to take action and not just react to the situations—exactly what Archon Katherine and her lieutenants were doing. With Victor Steiner-Davion still in the far coreward reaches of the Lyran Alliance, he had no way to coordinate the actions of his supporters, and no way to feed them the supplies that they would need.

Those who did recognize the enormity of the situation took the long view and began to move slowly. Like a grand game of chess, generals on both sides made strategic moves, placing units in key locations and securing their own lines of communication. For the most part, however, It was Victor's supporters who recognized this early on. Archon Katrina refused to see the enormity of the situation until far later and so acted like the growing Civil War was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Her advisors, the lot of them sycophants and weak-willed individuals, save for a select few like Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion, refused to convey the true depth of the situation.

Militarily speaking, the tense situation within the AFFS and the LAAF changed very little. Under the direction of higher headquarters or one of the former Prince's self-appointed champions, several more worlds flashed to outright brutal warfare, but for the most part, the two militaries of the former Federated Commonwealth waited tensely for orders.

Within the civilian populations, tensions likewise remained high, but many had barely an inkling about what was truly going on. The Archon's enforcers and propagandists very skillfully controlled the spread of news about the war and spun what did leak out to make it sound like Just a few rogue officers were making trouble. With Katherine's supporters virtually controlling public communications within both the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance, it was up to the Allies to use whatever means they had access to in order to spread news of the war. The old AFFC FAX network was heavily used, as were merchants and even the Vagabond Schools. Likewise, while the Archon could order her people to send no civilian communications between worlds, ComStar was not prevented from sharing news between stations (and in those few instances where the Archon's supporters did attempt to prevent ComStar from passing information along, ComStar and the Com Guards acted both quickly and decisively).

So, where the Flashpoint "wave" was primarily about tensions within the former Federated Commonwealth boiling over and the former Archon-Prince deciding it was finally time to take action, Wave One of the Civil War was about strategic maneuvering.

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