The sixth official wave Of the Civil War brought with it 3 desperation that had not yet manifested itself widely. The flames of the war were rapidly burning out, as were the combatants. A number of worlds in each realm were Still gripped by massive battles, the likes of which had not been seen since General Kerensky's campaign to liberate the lerran Hegemony from Stephan Amarls, but even those were beginning to show signs of winding down.

The war effort might have been burning out, but the Archon's fury was not. Her brother's successes throughout the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns only brought out even more of her already-infamous temper. Through her loyal coterie she had ordered the deaths of countless thousands, while condemning millions more to life without even the most basic of human rights. Worse, her efforts to alter the course of the war into her favor had severely impacted the economies of both the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance, with some analysts even claiming that the Taurian Concordat had a greater Gross National Product than the Lyran Alliance by the end of 3065. While that was one extreme, economists throughout the Inner Sphere all agreed that neither nation could bear the strain of war for much longer. Worse, it would be decades before cither could fully recover from the damage done.

The Archon could not be bothered with such analysis, however. Her actions throughout the course Of the Civil War demonstrated very clearly that the only thing she cared about was victory at all costs. Her ego simply could not accept a uni verse wherein her brother could have the support of any of "her" people

For his part, Victor Steiner-Davion could not simply give up and end the war. Though it had cost the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns tremendously already, with the war cost ranging well into the hundreds of trillions, he and his senior advi sors felt that to end the war now to save the people any more suffering would only cost them more in the end as Katherine moved to regain control over both realms.

So. while citizens and soldiers continued to die each day, the two sides continued to battle on for the control of the former Federated Commonwealth.

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