By the start of Wave Two. the realities of the Civil War were beginning to sink into the hearts and minds of the people of the former Federated Commonwealth. Even with the Archon's news blackouts and information spinning, the civilian population was truly beginning to see the cracks that were beneath the surface of the F-C Alliance. More than that, they were, in many cases for the first time, truly beginning to see Katherine Steiner-Davion's darker side.

While the Wave One battles on a few worlds degenerated Into massive operations that killed thousands upon thousands of soldiers and civilians, such as on Sirdar, those battles happened more by chance than by design. Indeed, the Wave One movements were more about placing loyal units into key positions than about hitting the enemy and destroying him. Moreover, Wave One was concerned with controlling and keeping open the lines of communications to the various units loyal to each side stationed throughout the two nations of the former Federated Commonwealth. Wave Two, on the other hand, saw key units on both sides hitting each other hard, not for control of supplies, but with the goal of destroying each other.

Victor Steiner-Davion and his Allied forces retained the moral high ground within the war, at least for the most part, while the Loyalists struggled amongst themselves over that same issue. More and more cruel and immoral orders found their way out of the New Avalon and Tharkad over the signatures of nameless and numerous bureaucratic appointees, though likely coming from the Archon herself. Many within the Loyalist forces began to question where their own loyalties truly laid, but like the rest of the people within the two nations, a personal audience or message from the Archon reassuring them of the righteousness of their conflict against her brother was enough for most to suppress the twitches of guilt their consciences were giving them.

Like the massive beast it was, the Civil War continued on, full speed ahead, and damn the worlds and people that got in its way.

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