Summer of 3065 brought with it change in the air. The Civil War had grown far beyond what it was in the beginning. It was no longer one unit fighting with another unit for control of a world or simply because one supported Katherine while the other supported Victor. True, early fights like Kentares and Rasalgethi were as much about killing for the sake of killing as it was about trying to win a world for the Archon, but for the most part, following Victor Steiner-Davion's call to arms, the majority of commanders saw themselves as the leaders of modern-day knights, fighting to uphold the honor and name of their liege-lord.

But Katherine Steiner-Davion kept upping the stakes. She authorized unconventional strikes against opposing units and she released her sadistic minions upon her own people. She murdered the very people that she had sworn to protect, and all because they had committed the mortal crime of criticizing her.

Vet it wasn't until the Jade Falcon Incursion ended that military commanders and ordinary citizens alike in both halves of the former Federated Commonwealth began to take stock of the entire situation. Only then did many begin to truly see through Katherine's fa├žade and recognize her patterns of crimes and atrocities. That they could never pin half of them on her did not matter, only that more and more people began to see her for what she truly was.

The war was far from over, but the Archon's battle to keep the trust of her people was rapidly coming to a conclusion, one that she would not like.

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