War is hell. As if that axiom hadn't been proven already by the previous year of combat, the fighting on a number of key worlds through the former Federated Commonwealth degenerated into a depravity reaching that of the First and Second Succession Wars. Archon Katherine's forces were desperately trying to pin down and kill Victor Stelner-Davion in the Lyran Alliance while in the Federated Suns she had her sights set on several key worlds—planets that Victor's Allies had likewise targeted.

The war had begun with commanders on both sides showing each other the respect and chivalry that they had all become accustomed to while serving together within the AFFC. As it progressed, however, that sense of respect began to be replaced with unmitigated hostility and rage. The traditional "us vs. them" mentality between the Lyran and FedSuns units turned battles that should have been relatively "civil" into death matches where the winner would completely obliterate its opponent.

Again, the Allied side tried to take the moral high ground, but the sheer bitterness emerging on both sides made that more and more impossible to maintain. Rather than let enemy MechWarriors and other soldiers retreat from the battlefield with their lives, more and more commanders were adopting the attitude that they should wipe out everything and everyone that stood against them. Not only did that attitude foster even more hostility from their enemies, but also made sure that the Lyran and FedSuns militaries would be sorely understrength for years to come. As much as Victor Steiner-Davion and even Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion tried to convince their field commanders to take a more conservative approach on their campaigns. their words could only do so much, especially with the Archon giving orders like "let no man walk away alive."

Some historians have already called Wave Three the Wave of Atrocities, but that is somewhat fallacious. While Wave Three did see commanders really first begin to take liberties with the principles of war, those were still few and far between. Of course, as in anything, the first time we see something, it shocks us and remains indelibly etched in our minds. Unfortunately, after those first few occurrences, we all become less resistant and more occasions of brutality simply become the norm.

Then again, with the Jade Falcon Incursion stepping off in the midst of Wave Three, anyone who heard,of it could be forgiven for putting aside thoughts of atrocities in tlie face of the renewed Clan threat.

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