The Federated Commonwealth Civil War started not with a roar but with a whimper. While the war was a surprise to no one, few military leaders on either "side" of the fight made much In the way of preparations for the coming of the storm. Strangely, it was primarily those who did not choose a side in the war that made any significant plans for what they and their units would do should the Civil War finally break out, but even then those plans centered mostly on how to get away from the fighting, not how to prosecute the war.

So, rather than resembling a military operation, the beginning months, and even years, of the Civil War looked more like a street brawl—small pockets of fighting breaking out unexpectedly, slowly drawing those around the fights into the midst of the melee, and all the while encouraging others within sight to begin their own brawls.

Throughout the year 3062, tensions within both nations of the former Federated Commonwealth quickly escalated to the boiling point. The citizens of the Federated Suns chafed at Archon Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion's increased restrictions of their freedoms while the people of the Lyran Alliance increasingly began to recognize the fact that the Archon that they had welcomed with open arms in 3057 was not the leader they had seen her as.

More to the point, schisms within the military and political leadership of both realms had developed as a result of Katherine's rule; on one side were the sycophants and power hungry functionaries that flourished under Katherine's regime and on the other were those who recognized her for what she really was—a power-mad dictator. Caught in the middle were those torn between devotion to country and service to the ruler of the land.

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