Preexisting Damage And Repair Difficulties

A mix of dwindling supplies, fatigue and the need to field as many units as possible means that units often go into battle in less than pristine condition, a situation that worsens as the conflict progresses and war weariness sets in. Incompletely repaired units are a sign of desperation - or a lack of spare parts—but sometimes there's just no choice...

In a BattleTech campaign where the repair rules (p. 87-92, BMR, Revised) are being used, a Technician may attempt to "Make Do" with what he has on-hand, even though the supplies he has may not be exactly what he needs, at an increased risk of a partial or unsuccessful repair. To do so, the technician applies a +2 modifier to his Repair Roll in addition to any thai already apply for the component or type of repair. If the roll succeeds, the component is repaired normally. It the roll fails, but by a value equal to or less than the items Partial Repair value 12, that item is partially repaired (e.g. When "Making Do," the effective Partial Repair value of a Jump Jet is +3, and that of a 3+ critical-hit engine+5). "Making Do" cannot be used when a part is being replaced or when a component cannot be partially repaired (a tech may thus attempt to "Make Do" if the item being repaired is a piece of equipment that can normally be repaired, but the gamemaster determines that the correct supplies are simply unavailable).

When not using repair rules in a campaign, players may still choose to use damaged vehicles and 'Mechs in scenarios, reducing their effective BV in proportion to the damage inflicted. This saving is, however, only a rough approximation to the actu al BV lost to damage. When using damaged units, each player applies a number of damage dice (D6) to the unit (based on the nature of the scenario, players may agree to a set number of dice or a random number or the gamemaster may simply assign a number to each battlefield unit). A unit cannot suffer more damage dice than it has tons of armor (round up). Each die reduces the effective BV of the unit by 2 percent. Players should roll the number of indicated damage dice and total the results; this is the total amount of damage to be applied. Break this damage into 5-point groups (as with LRM damage) and apply it using the Front/Rear To-Hit column on the Location Table for the unit type, rolling critical hits as needed. Re-roll any damage that would destroy the unit (see p. 39 of BMR, Revised).

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