Having traveled more than a hundred and forty light years from Phecda in the Lyran Alliance's Freedom Theather, the Second Robinson Rangers under Colonel Theodor Mikul land ed on Quentin in mid-April, and were immediately set upon by the Ryuken-Ni. Of the three conventional regiments that Colonel Mikul had brought with him, plus the two battalions of the mercenary Culpepper Strike Legion, Mikul landed with only seven of his own companies and a combined regiment of conventional troops, The rest were destroyed in space by Tai-sa Masayoshi Kitakyusho's fighters.

Kitakyusho never gave Colonel Mikul's troops the chance to organize themselves once they did ground. Though equipped extensively with OmniMechs and C^-networked units, Mikul's Rangers very handily neutralized the C3 advantage, at least allowing them to gain a modicum of the initiative. The Ryuken-Ni did not allow the Rangers to keep that initiative for very long, however. With the logistical backbone of Independence Weaponry to call upon, the Ryuken-Ni simply reconfigured their OmniMechs for a different combat paradigm, mounting ranged weapons on their largest chassis while configuring their quickest units as close-in brawlers.

Mikul's Rangers attempted to take the city of Dredin from a mixed battalion of Ryuken and militia on the 20th of April, only to find themselves in the middle of battle that lasted a week and saw the Ryuken raining down missiles, artillery and minefields on and around the Rangers while several specially-equipped companies kept them pinned in place with close-range assaults. Though the Rangers specialized in those same close-range tactics, the Ryuken's raining fire prevented them from-truly making the best use of their abilities.

Mikul made one final attempt at a breakaway from the Ryuken on the 2nd of May by setting'a massive fire in the Erloy Forest. Under the cover of the smoke and fire, Mikul's troops made a break through the forest. While they initially lost some 'Mechs and tanks to the flames, they were nearly in the clear when Kitakyusho's Mechs appeared through the flames and hit them hard. The two sides fought running battles for three more days in the middle of the forest fire before Mikul ordered a general retreat. He'd lost more than a third of what he landed on Quentin with and had barely made a dent against the skilled MechWarriors of the Ryuken Ni.

Before leaving the world, Mikul's troops set a number of additional major fires as a way to cover their retreat and waited until the fires threatened a dozen towns and cities. While the Ryuken kept some pressure on the Rangers, the bulk of their air and ground strength had gone to assist the firefight-ing efforts, allowing Mikul's Rangers to retreat from Quentin on the 19th of May with a minimum of casualties.

The Second Robinson Rangers landed on Mallory's World on the 30th of June, with five understrength companies and some two battalions of conventional troops in tow. Only 16 'Mechs of the Culpepper Strike Legion survived the battle.

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