Raconis Combine Worlds

The following worlds are located in the Draconis Combine. AL NA'IR

Noble Ruler: Duke Quentln Parnell Tormark

Star Type (Recharge Time): A9II (170 hours)

Position in System: 5th

Time to Jump Point: 23.75 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Tallswan)

Surface Gravity: 0.6

Atmosphere Pressure: Low (Tainted)

Equatorial Temperature: 35° C (Cool Temperate)

Surface Water Coverage: 30 percent

Highest Native Ufe: None

Recharging Station: Zenith

HPG Class Type: A

Population: 653,465,000

Socio-Industrial Levels: A-A-A-A-D

Al Na'ir was a system that had nothing to offer when first surveyed. The planets were too inhospitable for colonization, tainted with extremely high levels of sulfur. Reexamination of the system's asteroids between the 4th and 5th orbit of the system's star changed all that. Enriched with vast deposits of rare metals, the system was colonized and exploited. Luthien Armor Works and Alshaln Weapons collaborated in a venture to take advantage of the newly discovered resources of Al Na'ir. Vori MechWorks was formed and a new 'Mech plant was built on the largest asteroid for which the company was named. Once the components were produced, they were shipped to Al Na'ir for final assembly. This was accomplished at Yori Site 2 to take advantage of the planet's low gravity, just outside of the capital city of Homai-Zaki.

Al Na'ir's two continents are separated by Micah's Sea, the planet's lone ocean. Cedar Rock, the larger of the two land-masses, is the home of the planetary capital and the majority of the population. Scarborough has half the landmass of Cedar Rock and Is home to Scarborough Manufacturers. The majority of the DCMS hover AFVs is produced by Scarborough.

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