Racqnis Combine

The war with the Draconis Combine was not going well for Duke James Sandoval. Coordiantor Theodore Kurita had managed to counterattack with more strength than the Duke had ever imagined possible, and unlike Kurita's successes during the War of 3039, these battles were being won with an over abundance of force. Of the six key Combine worlds that Sandoval's troops had held prior to the Coordinator's counterattack, five had fallen back into Combine hands while a sixth—Proserpina—was gripped by a desperate battle between the two sides.

Worse still for Duke Sandoval were the successes that the Coordinator's troops were having on worlds within the duke's Draconis March. While the rest of the Federated Suns was struggling to determine who would be ruler, the Draconis March was fighting for its very survival.

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