Reinforcements And Supplies

Appendix IV of BF2 provides rules for recovering losses, salvage and repair in BtiltleForce games, as well as basic rules for supplies. The following are more detailed rules concerning supplies and their use in the game, reflecting the vagaries of logistics and the demands of keeping a unit in fighting trim throughout a protracted campaign. These rules supercede the Limited Supply rules found on page 108 of BF2.

Each side starts the campaign with a number of Supply Points equal to twice their number of elements if they are part of an Inner Sphere faction, or their number of elements if they belong to the Clans. For example, if James fields a Lyran battalion, comprising 36 elements, he starts the game with 72 Supply Points. If Louise has a Clan Cluster (45 elements) she has only 45 Supply Points.

There are numerous uses for Supply Points: Repairs: Each time a player makes a Repair Roll, he spends 1 Supply Point, irrespective of the success of the roll. He can use additional supplies to improve his chances of success; each addi tional Supply Point spent adds +1 to the Repair Roll. The player must decide on the number of Supply Points committed to repairing a particular element before making the Repair Roll.

Buying Reinforcements: A player may spend Supply Points in an attempt to gain new units or personnel. Each Supply Point spent corresponds to 10 points of units, and may be used to purchase multiple units. A player may only purchase units available to his faction or infantry and points unused in turn are lost. For example, to purchase a Locust LCT-3S (5 points) and a Flea FLE-17 (4 points) would require a single Supply Point as the total cost Is less than 10, while purchasing a Turklna C would require at least 3 Supply Points as it has a point cost of 25. Players may, if they desire, use the Supply Availability rules listed in the BatfleTech section above, increasing (or decreasing) the cost of units and determining the chance of interception. If playing BattieForce in conjunction with Flanetary Assault, non-infantry reinforcements must be transported from the Jump Point to the hex containing the unit. Infantry reinforcements (excluding Battle Armor) do not need to be transported.

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