The war has been officially over for some six months now final reports are still trickling in from all over the nations of the former Federated Commonwealth. Indeed, It will likely he years, if not decades, before the final COStS of the war are fully calculated. We know that at the very least tens of millions have perished in fighting that took place, while the cost in damages has already reached well into the tens of trillions, and that IS not even counting the destruction Of six WarShips and the disappearance of two more. Worse, the cost in lost productivity, lost manufacturing capacity and lost interstellar trade has already crippled the economies of both nations. Rebuilding that alone will take decades.

We also know that the Civil war touched hundreds of worlds. Even conservative estimates indicate that fighting of some sort broke out on eighty percent of the worlds within the former Federated Commonwealth. While this work covered only the battles fought on the few that were strategically important military or economic targets, many more hundreds of worlds suffered just as deeply. Unfortunately, It is these worlds that count most to the citizens of the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns, and also the worlds where some of the worst fighting in the entire war occurred—because it was there that Archon Katherine's agents committed the worst crimes against "her" people.

Of course, the militaries of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance were gutted by the war. More than three-quarters of the regular armies of both nations were involved in the war in some way, with all but a few surviving thé war having sustained any more than minor casualties. Two whole generations of soldiers sacrificed themselves in this war. those that survived are forever scarred by the horrors they saw.

Most significant, at least to the accountants and procurement officers, was the loss of so many WarShips during the war. Six ships, each costing more than the gross domestic product of most worlds within the Inner Sphere, were destroyed in the various battles, including three of the Federated Suns' flagship Avalons destroyed, while another four are listed missing in action, presumed AWOL.

But the armies of the former Federated Commonwealth have lost far more than their manpower, more than mere BattleMechs and tanks and fighters and ships. The war cost both the AFFS and the LAAF their senior leadership. By the end of the war, more than two-thirds of the officers assigned to the two militaries' high commands had resigned or been arrested, while almost a third of the general officers in both militaries had either died in battle or had been arrested for their part in the commission of warcrirnes.

Even the highest levels of leadership were not immune to these losses; both General of the Armies Nondi Sterner and Field Marshal Ardan Sortek were killed In the final battles for Tharkad and New Avalon, respectively. General Sharon Bryan, one of the longest-serving officers in the LAAF arid Margrave of the Melissia Theater, likewise died in battle, though in her case defending the Lyran Alliance against Clan Jade Falcon's invasion. Field Marshal Duke James Sandoval died on Robinson on 4 March 3066, shortly after his son relieved him of command of the Dracoriis March. Field Marshal Simon Gallagher committed suicide as the Allies were pushing into Avalon City rather than stand up for his role In the war.

Other senior officers fled rather than face up to their roles in the war. General Richard Sterner did just that after his troops lost Câvanaugh II and has not been seen since. Dozens of others tried to flee as well, though with space on transport ships going for a premium, few have managed to flee any fur ther than the worlds they hud been stationed on when the war ended.

And then there are the losses that both nations suffered at the hands of their neighbors. The Alliance lost ten worlds to Khan Marthe Pryde and her Clan Jade Falcon (though under the leadership of General Adam Steiner, the LAAF did manage to take five Falcon worlds back into the Lyran fold). In this respect, the Federated Suns came out better, having lost only two worlds to the Draconis Combine and a single world to the Capellan Confederation. At the same time, Field Marshal Duke George Hasek brought four Chaos March worlds back into the Federated Suns, though none of those four worlds could ever make up for the loss of Tikonov to the Confederation.

The Civil War was a disaster like none other in the hislo ry of either realm. The nuclear firestorms of the first two Succession Wars may have killed more citizens and soldiers, but even those wars could not stand in comparison to this in the sheer damage done to the two nations.

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