Rise Of The mflRch Lore

By the final quarter of 3062, it was obvious to all that the public sentiment had turned away from Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner-Davion, though the majority of the noble class—those who had benefited most from her rule—still whole-heartedly supported her. Even within the structured chain of command of the militaries of the Lyran Alliance and Federated Commonwealth there was a strong polarization between those calling for the removal of Katrina at all costs and those who swore allegiance to her. Caught in between both extremes were the "regular joes," the men and women who tor one reason or another decided not to make a choice.

It was also that last group who seemed to suffer the most in the days and months leading up to the start of hostilities.

Perhaps it was because these people caught in the middle needed something to throw themselves behind that the so-called March Lords grew so much in stature and power as the rest of the Archon-Princess' realm degenerated into Civil War.

For their part, these March Lords—Duke George Hasek, Duke James Sandoval and Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner—did much to turn the attention of their people away from the growing storm and back toward their regional identities.

The first region to truly begin showing their nationalistic bent was Duke Kelswa-Steiner's Skye Federation. Throughout the history of the Lyran state, the Skye region has been a hotbed for rebellion and secessionism. Prior to this Civil War, the leaders of the Lyran nation have had to put down two major rebellions within the Skye region within this century alone, each aimed at creating an independent Skye nation. When the Archon-Princess took up residence on New Avalon, Duke Kelswa-Steiner began to slowly stir up the rebellious fervor of his people, something the Combine attack on Skye and subsequent annexation of the Lyons Thumb only played into.

Within the Capellan March. Duke George Hasek did a brilliant job of directing the emotions of his people against the Capellan Confederation. The Confederation's war against the breakaway St. Ives Compact-both a neighboring realm and a close ally-ensured the Duke had little trouble doing so.

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