The peace on the capital of the Draconis March was shat tered early in the morning of 18 October 3062 when the first Combine troops to set foot on the world in over a century and a half hit the ground in the capital city of Bueller. The invaders came in on a single commercial DropShip and made a combat drop into the heart of the city, catching Robinson's defenders off-guard. When the DropShip immediately burned out of the planet's orbit, the true nature of their opponents became far clearer to the world's guardians.

The battle lasted for hours as the battalion of kamikaze MechWarriors wreaked as much damage as they could. They singled out not only manufacturing and governmental targets, but many civilian targets and even the Robinson Battle Academy, an Institution that the DCMS had destroyed twice over during the Succession Wars. Lead by Baron Tancred Sandoval and Duke Arthur Steiner Davion, the First Robinson Rangers and the Battle Academy Cadre eliminated the Combine force, but only at a horrible price to Robinson. No Combine MechWarrior was captured alive and even after years of investigation, the DMI and MHO have yet to determine who ordered this attack.


Unidentified Combine forcos foil on both Markab and Doneval II the very same day, 18 October, proving to all ttiat this was a coordinated operation. Like the attack on Robinson, the Combine troops made combat drops from civilian DropShips, with the DropShips Immediately turning tpil and leaving system.

On Markab, the kamikazes faced the Fifth Lyran Guards RCT. Captured by the Federated Suns during the War of 3039, Markab had been something of a political hot potato within the Combine's Dieron Military District for many years. The battalion sent to the world was hardly enough to be more than an inconvenience for the Fifth Lyran Guards, however. As on Robinson, the Combine MechWarriors targeted industry, government and military targets, though in this instance a number of terrorist bombings late in the night of the 17th cut power and communications to several key areas of the capital city of Cabett, allowing the kamikazes to rampage for more than a full day before the Fifth could finally put them down.

The fighting on Doneval II lasted far longer, however. With only a mixed battalion of the Robinson DMM and a volunteer militia to protect the world, the kamizakes had little difficulty avoiding the world's defenders, at least until a sizeable portion of the militia could be called up. The kamizake warriors concentrated on destroying power stations and transmission lines, oil pipelines, communications centers and other high-profile civilian targets, though bypassing attacks on hospitals. Only in the last two days of fighting, when the militia finally was able to devote significant efforts of its armored scouts to tracking the kamikazes, did they turn to attacking manufacturing and military targets. With only a company of BattleMechs, however, the Combine force ultimately did little in the way of actual damage to the world's infrastructure. Of course, the public was in an absolute panic for months following the attack.

The most alarming fact about these attacks is that the origins of the MechWarriors cannot be traced. All were obviously trained Combine McchWarriors, but background checks showed that they came from all walks in life. Only one MechWarrior survived to be captured, but before taking his own life he said only "for the future of the Dragon." To this day, no one knows the true origins of these attacks. Their legacy would be far reaching, though.

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